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Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchill in the Mirror

  “Germany should be bombed regularly every 50 years even for no reason “. Cit. Sir Winston Churchill   It’s time to make some comparisons between these two historical figures: Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchill. I will be very brief and I hope not to say stupid things, I who am not a historian. Art

Sir Winston Churchill, the painter

  “As long as we do not understand that the worst people in the world are those who govern and have governed it, we have not yet understood anything about ourselves or the world in which we live.”  Orazio Guglielmini   Here is how the great man expresses himself in this painting business: “I have

The Inexistence of God: a Deception of Humanity Which Has Lasted Thousands of Years – 4 posts, the third

“In principle, God didn’t create either the heavens or the earth, but it was the Elohim, or those of them who made cultivatable fields from areas where there was water and sand,” Mauro Biglino After having passed over the six, six, six, six million Jews who starved or met other deaths in various countries, after

Ours: an enlightened barbaric System and a fiasco civilization – in 3 posts, the second

Bill Clinton: “We must face and correct, as best as we can, the terrible injustices of the past.” James Leach: “The history is not going to be put on the statute of limitations.” In other words, it doesn’t lapse, never lapse. Both quotations are taken from the book “The Holocaust Industry”, and translated from the

Has Life Meaning at a glance

How many of our ancestors through the centuries, have asked this question? Surely not many. Until recently, one lived the life they lived, good or bad, one just just lived. Today views have changed. The values ​​of the past – the belief of design, in destiny, in the homeland, the monarchy, rulers, the family, ideologies