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The Two Fundamental Laws of the Universe.

Georges Charpak and Roland Omnès, in their interesting essay, “Be wise, become prophets,” write:  “The fundamental laws of the universe are not many. They speak of a container and of a content. One is the container of absolute space-time, governed by the law of relativity; the other is the total content of matter in all

Justice or/and bunga bunga?

The law, Rossi? Never esisted. Not in our country, anyway. In our country only exists the law made to protect the crimes of the rich and the powerful, other law doesn’t exist. Are you laughing? You shouldn’t my friend. The matter is as much absurd as dramatic. It’s so. No, doesnt exist in this country

Do you have another definition?

What does it mean, exactly, to be a cardinal? Simple, in my opinion. It means to have the licence to tell lies, to cheat people as you wish, to sell opium without going in jail and to eat and live luxuriously without working. Not bad, don’t you think?

Letter to a greek friend

So do I, Joanna. I too support the greek people. Adriano Celentano, among lots on nonsense that he said at Sanremo’s Festival, he said also something good and I am glad for this. I agree with him about the fact that Germany and France obliged the greek rules, indifferent of the fact that the people

Horace Guglielmini Gives a Cosmic Geography Lesson to Rossi

So we start with a question: “How does the Universe look today? Now, to answer this question, we must start with things that are near to us, and gradually expand our look to the vast and immense spaces of the Universe. To begin with, let’s try if we can see, almost feel, the curvature of

The Big Bang vs Creation

The Big Bang The beginning: nothing, not a noise, not a stirring, not a soul, the universe begins in absolute darkness and silence. I First image: timeless and lifeless, the space does not exist yet, all is dense, tense, then, suddenly, bamm!, the big bang; II Second image: a billionth of a billionth of a