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The transparent universe

  A cosmic awareness gives us a healthy and full idea how the universe is concretely made and not as we want it to be”!   With this post, friends of Facebook, of Twitter and of the Web, I will give you the whole universe and forever. Do you think, maybe, that I’m crazy telling

The Four Pillars Which Hold up the Cosmic Edifice *

The four pillars which hold up the cosmic edifice are nothingness of nothingness, the proto-element, space and time. The human species Since we humans became a thinking species, we have sought to understand who created us, where we come from, who created the world, who lived in the sky, where we went after we died,

Frank Ferreri’s existential testament

  “Death will come And it will have your eyes”, Pavese says “Not mine, I say Because I’ll have them before her.”   In the meantime, I would like to say that, despite all the adversities I had to face in life, I have achieved what I wanted to achieve: to understand my fellow men,

What are really the universities?

  In two words: factories of the mind. Let’s look at them a little close. Meanwhile, when I write saying that the universities are factories of the mind, I mean factories of the State, of the Church, of the Capitalism, of Military Academies, of Science in general, etc., this confirms their servile function towards their