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Sir Winston Churchill, the painter

  “As long as we do not understand that the worst people in the world are those who govern and have governed it, we have not yet understood anything about ourselves or the world in which we live.”  Orazio Guglielmini   Here is how the great man expresses himself in this painting business: “I have

Trump and God Save America

  I have to be consistent with myself, and with what I write. Here’s what I wrote and published on my blog October 27, 2016 about the American elections:   Americans! Soon you have to go to the polls, soon you have to choose between two candidates: one of the two will lead your country

Charlotte Elizabeth Diana and the “Royal blood”

(I’m sorry if the translation is not perfect, I only hope it is understandable, thank you) Not yet born and is a star already. Just born, a super star. She will become, when she’s an adult, a goddess and as such will admire the destruction of countries like Iraq from those who have always beaten

Ours: an enlightened barbaric System and a fiasco civilization – in 3 posts, the third

  “Until one single person on the whole Planet is being injustly abused, all the laws and the institutions that constitute it, are not degnified to exist,” Orazio Guglielmini.   If we go to the crux of the matter, and we should, the real authors of the disaster called “nonhuman history”, is not “Hitler”, but

Ours: an enlightened barbaric System and a fiasco civilization – in 3 posts, the second

Bill Clinton: “We must face and correct, as best as we can, the terrible injustices of the past.” James Leach: “The history is not going to be put on the statute of limitations.” In other words, it doesn’t lapse, never lapse. Both quotations are taken from the book “The Holocaust Industry”, and translated from the

Ours: an enlightened barbaric System and a fiasco civilization – in 3 posts, the first*

“There aren’t men who must be denounced and vanquished, but it’s the System that corrupts them until they became nonhuman,” Raoul Vaneigem. “The ‘System’ mentioned by Raoul Vaneigem, has been created by them, by men, and more exactly by those who became ‘nonhuman’. These men, and not others, are the ones who must be ‘denounced

Our sick rotten social world

  The social insanity and madness is everywhere in the world. We find it in Iran, we find it between Gaza and Israel, we find it in the pope going around the world preaching his mental insanity and madness, we find it in all those who preach the holy war (jihad), we find it in

Our political world is hitlerian

Israelis (surely not all) are certainly very pleased, rather I would say that they are very happy of the massacre and the total destruction of Gaza (after the battle of Warsaw in 1939, the polish city wasn’t a heap of rubble as it is today the Palestinian town). Not even Hitler could have done better

Abraham, Isaac, God and the Palestinians and the Israelis

Abraham was ready to sacrifice his only son in order to show his obedience to Jahvè. Therefore, we may say that that the wolf loses his fur but not his habits. What I want to say is: what if the 3 Israeli teenagers had not been killed intentionally by Palestinians nationalists? What if the 3

The monarchies today

But what sense do they have? What sense still have today the monarchies (Spanish, English, Syrian, etc.), when we all know that their hands, historically speaking, bleed with every imaginable and unimaginable crime? What else are they if not impostors and the highest representatives of selfishness in our political system? Their presence, however, in our

The Culture of Violence

With its unmistakable identity, violence is both the essence and origin of politics. It is the proclivity of despots, those in power, to use violence towards those without power. It’s no good pulling the wool over our eyes telling lies to ourselves, we all know very well how things really are, we know that true

90% of humans serves as fuel for the remaining 10%

It is said that the story of the history of the universe affects only the bright part of matter formed by 10%. Of the other 90% nothing is known, it is thought to be composed of dark matter, dead stars, cosmic debris and other stuff that you do not see. The same could be said