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The heart of nothingness *

  “In scientific progress, imagination is more important than knowledge, true or presumed,”Richard Feynman.   If we talk about science like in Copernicus, in Newton and in Darwin style, there’s nothing to say. It’s all in order: it’s all science, real science. The Sun is at the center of the Solar System; we can experience

Priests are the true atheists

Since the world began That is, from 4 and a half billion years ago God never existed and neither did his name God is a very recent invention Made by the homo species Therefore, there are no believers The saints and the priests They are actually the true atheists. We know it, we all know

The illustrious genius and scientist

  And who is this? What do you mean who is he? He’s Albert, Albert Einstein. A true phenomenon of physics, they say. Think. Indeed, let’s put it in this way: what if his famous equation, namely, e = mc2, was wrong, and in our opinion it is (first comes the “mass” and then the

Universities or mind killer factories? (rewritten)

  What Schopenhauer and Nietzsche Didn’t say about universities, I’ll try to say it myself: They are a real nest Of venomous snakes. Few students will be saved Of all those who attend them. The entire world Is in the hands of these institutions And their managers: It has no escape We can only see

The universe in the pocket or All what you need to know about it (2)

  An idea, to be valid, must start from somewhere. I start from nothingness of nothingness, which seems to be, in fact, exactly nothingness of nothingness that gave way to the life of all the phenomena in the universe, and this is a good idea and a good base to start our discussion. Nothingness of

My chat in Singapore

  In this chat, has man a sense in the world in which he lives?, I will talk about cosmic reality, cosmic reality as it is and not how we want it to be. Forgive me if I insist in these two ways of seeing the world: one objective and one subjective. I divide the

“I, Francis Sgambelluri, declare myself to be the DISCOVERER of the true beginning of the Universe” article pagiarized

  Ho l’impressione che tra ieri e oggi  questo mio articolo è stato plagiato si Facebook. Vorrei chiedere, dato che l’ho pubblicato sul sito “ASTONOMY KNOWLEDGE” se ne sanno qualcosa. Ho avuto un breve contatto per iscritto con “Filip Nemeri Astronomy Knowledge” e il suo comportamento mi ha sorpreso molto in negativo. Il mio lavoro

The Four Pillars Which Hold up the Cosmic Edifice *

The four pillars which hold up the cosmic edifice are nothingness of nothingness, the proto-element, space and time. The human species Since we humans became a thinking species, we have sought to understand who created us, where we come from, who created the world, who lived in the sky, where we went after we died,

To the lords of the Nobel Committee of Stockholm

  Einstein published, in 1905, his famous articles in the scientific journal “Annalen der Physik” where only a few scientists and with difficulties could understand something; I publish my articles on the Web, on Facebook, on Twitter and anyone, given their simplicity and reality, can read and understand them in the whole world.   You

The universe as it is and not as we want it to be in 10 images

  I divide the world into real and not real. Particles, atoms, molecules, proteins, phenomena, all physical things are real; ideas, theories, inventions, concepts, are unreal in the sense that they are not physical, they exist thanks to the physical world. This last one istotally independent from the human world.Sure, we can have a brief,

Einstein, a pillar of modern physics made of papier mâché *

Einstein, a pillar of modern physics made of papier mâché * or My Singapore’s speech   “For a new vision of the universe and of the meaning of life.” Orazio Guglielmini   Good morning! I suppose you all know my name, the International Meetings published it in a leaflet. However, my name is Francis Sgambelluri, a

The Inexistence of God: a Deception of Humanity Which Has Lasted Thousands of Years – 4 posts, the third

“In principle, God didn’t create either the heavens or the earth, but it was the Elohim, or those of them who made cultivatable fields from areas where there was water and sand,” Mauro Biglino After having passed over the six, six, six, six million Jews who starved or met other deaths in various countries, after

I’m hungry

I’m hungry, hungry to grow, but they don’t let me grow. I’m hungry, hungry to learn, hungry for knowledge, for science, for wisdom, but they instead fill my head at school and anywhere else with bla bla and other mental vulgarities. I’m hungry, hungry for Justice, for real democracy, for reghteousness, for honesty, but in

Pope Francis’ peace doves

One of the dove of peace launched by Papa Francesco from his window of the Vatican was immediately attacked first by a Raven and then mauled by a Seagull. Horrible image. No chance for the bird (see the video on the Web). All this cruel show in front of the eyes of the Pope and

To all

To those alone and to those in company, to those happy and to those not happy, to all a warm hug and a friendly handshake, none excluded, to all, in the name of altruism and love, I wish you a prosperous, health and very happy New Year!

Happy New Year

To all: to those alone and to those in company, to those happy and to those not happy, to all, to all of you a big hug and a warm friendly handshake, none excluded, to all – stars, species, animals, trees, human beings, atoms -, in the name of human feelings, altruism and love, a

Italian author looks for English publisher

I am Francis. I was born in 1942 in South Italy. At nine I started to work. At sixteen I left South Italy. From sixteen to thirty I worked and studied. At thirty I found my first decent job: I was employed as a guide in a travelling agency in Paris. From then on my

The greatest happiness for the greatest number of people

The old young utilitarian adage is always of an amazing interest: the greatest good of the greatest number. Better: the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people. I really can’t understand, I just can’t understand why why why a ridiculous number of parasites should use, exploit, destroy the life of billion people with the only purpose to

What a fantastic world

He bought them all. Nobody excluded. This is called democracy. Clear? Democracy! Full stop. What a disgusting thing just to think that one belongs to this kind of democracy. People, People, People, you are the only one, the only one in the whole planet, the only one in which there is still a bit of