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Welcome to the kingdom of the absurd, * a meditation about life, death and the real nature of the world

  “The universe as it is and not for how we want it to be.” Orace Guglielmini   To begin with, WE DON’T GROW UP TO LIVE, WE GROW UP TO DIE. We are constructed, piece by piece, not for life, but for death. No one escapes this blind verdict. Slaves, prisoners, serfs, from birth


  Soon you have to go to the polls, soon you have to choose between two candidates: one of the two will lead your country for at least four years. Which, then, which of them will you choose? I have some ideas about your choice. But I tell you only this: If you choose Hillary

We live in a cosmic coffin

  We do not live in the best of possible worlds, as the philosopher Leibniz liked to think, nor do we live in a paradisiacal world and nowadays we know this only too well, thanks to science. We don’t even live in an open space, as experts, cosmologists, physicists, etc. would have us believe, but

Has Life Meaning at a glance

How many of our ancestors through the centuries, have asked this question? Surely not many. Until recently, one lived the life they lived, good or bad, one just just lived. Today views have changed. The values ​​of the past – the belief of design, in destiny, in the homeland, the monarchy, rulers, the family, ideologies