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The inner structure of the universe

  The origin The heart of matter The mind The brain Or All what you could know About the universe In a few words. On a chat about the universe, from the moment we begin to speak, we leave behind it, quite probably, another or other universes. This concept, however, wouldn’t concern us so much

“If”, “When” and “How” we’ll cease to exist

  The “if”: “We will cease really to exist?” The “when”: “When we’ll cease to exist?” The “how”: “How do we to cease to exist: burned, frozen, in a cosmic cataclysm, self-destroyed, how? “ Let’s start with the first, the “if”, and let’s eliminate it immediately from our mind. The if it’s rhetorical. There are

Stephen Hawking and the proof that God doesn’t exist

“One can’t prove that God doesn’t exist, but science makes God unnecessary,” says Stephen Hawking in “The Grand Design”. Well, are things really as Hawking sees them? Are we sure? Perhaps, not for me, however. At all. “I’m sorry, Stephen, but I don’t agree with you. I can demonstrate to you and to anyone else

The Two Fundamental Laws of the Universe.

Georges Charpak and Roland Omnès, in their interesting essay, “Be wise, become prophets,” write:  “The fundamental laws of the universe are not many. They speak of a container and of a content. One is the container of absolute space-time, governed by the law of relativity; the other is the total content of matter in all

The Big Bang vs Creation

The Big Bang The beginning: nothing, not a noise, not a stirring, not a soul, the universe begins in absolute darkness and silence. I First image: timeless and lifeless, the space does not exist yet, all is dense, tense, then, suddenly, bamm!, the big bang; II Second image: a billionth of a billionth of a

How to enhance and make the most of life

Thoughts of Orace Guglielmini    The brutal question: what do we seek in life? The simple answer: Meaning. Fundamental meaning for all our actions.  Without meaning in our lives, we are like a vehicle without fuel. Clear enough? Well then, it is meaning which we seek. How? Where? Briefly, along five paths. On the first

90% of humans serves as fuel for the remaining 10%

It is said that the story of the history of the universe affects only the bright part of matter formed by 10%. Of the other 90% nothing is known, it is thought to be composed of dark matter, dead stars, cosmic debris and other stuff that you do not see. The same could be said