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New Year’s dream

And why not? To dream, for example, style Dumas: one for all and all for one! Nice this dream, isn’t it? If only we could realize it! Not a chance, it’s just a dream. The reality is another, the reality is that: At this precise moment, all over the planet, millions of children, adults and

To all

To those alone and to those in company, to those happy and to those not happy, to all a warm hug and a friendly handshake, none excluded, to all, in the name of altruism and love, I wish you a prosperous, health and very happy New Year!

If this is a people

More concretely, when a country has: 1            the most unable and disastrous politicians in the world 2            the most false and cheat religion in the world 3            the most tough and ferocious mafia in the world 4            the most rooted and fierce fascism in the world 5            the most retrograde and robbers industrial in the

Looking for a translator gratis

I just can’t allow myself to pay one. If there is somebody who has the vocation of working for free, like me, because I too work without being paid, then he or she is welcome. And anyway sometimes one can sacrifice himself for a good cause, assuming that translating my work from Italian into English

Benedict XVI debuts on Twitter

Great! Pope Ratzigner on Internet! A day to remember! In short, this event is another insult, first to Italy, then to Europe and then to the whole world, and this regardless of the fact that everybody has the right to freedom of speech, and the pope too, of course. It’s unbelievable that today, today in

Who are the real prostitutes?

First it should be pointed out that there are many types of prostitution, perhaps as many as there are men and women on Earth. Prostitution is a human phenomenon: animals don’t prostitute themselves, but human beings do. Throughout our history we have done nothing but construct a culture of prostitution for ourselves. Our social equilibrium