Priests are the true atheists

Since the world began

That is, from 4 and a half billion years ago

God never existed and neither did his name

God is a very recent invention

Made by the homo species

Therefore, there are no believers

The saints and the priests

They are actually the true atheists.

We know it, we all know it, even the most ignorant and mentally retarded, we all know, consciously or unconsciously, that God doesn’t exist, that it is a lie as big as the planet Earth. And then, in spite of this, we continue to believe! But why? Here’s the point. And this applies to everyone, but especially to priests. These, the priests, by reading and studying the Holy Scriptures, by saying the names of the saints, by occupying their brains with this theme, by breathing the sick air of the church day after day, by saying and repeating the name of God all the time, at a certain point, inevitably, all that falsehood that they had to put in their heads for years and years and almost learn it by heart, all this fiction, at a certain point, was transformed suddenly into reality, that is, into a true belief. Theirs is not a real belief, it is an immense verbal void.

If you say “cat”, the cat exists, it is there, you see it.

If you say “God”, this doesn’t exist, it is not there, you cannot see it, it is an invention.

There is a void in the priest’s brain that he fills with mental lies and tricks and doesn’t even realize he’s doing it. The biblical imposture has made priests slaves to a false belief, to an invention outside of reality. The leathery brains of the priests believed in an artificial idea for so long that in the end their own brains gave up and believed it, took it to be true. As they say, they took the bait. Priests are licensed atheists, professional atheists, but also mentally sick. One might even say that they are incapable of distinguishing between reality and fiction. In fact, priests are arch atheists and if there is someone among them who believes he truly believes in God and the Holy Scriptures, then he, in reality, is the king of atheists.



The illustrious genius and scientist


And who is this? What do you mean who is he? He’s Albert, Albert Einstein. A true phenomenon of physics, they say. Think. Indeed, let’s put it in this way: what if his famous equation, namely, e = mc2, was wrong, and in our opinion it is (first comes the “mass” and then the “energy”); if Einstein’s time was wrong, and it is (it doesn’t exist: has anyone seen time?); if Einstein’s space was wrong, and it is (it doesn’t exist: has anyone seen or touched space?); if mass comes before energy and, in fact, it is like this: mass comes before energy, then his famous equation is wrong; if “God doesn’t play dice,” and God, in fact, doesn’t play dice because he doesn’t exist (therefore an incorrect saying). And not only. If general relativity, supported by spacetime, was wrong, and it is (spacetime doesn’t exist, therefore wrong); if, if; if all this and much more were incorrect, how many beautiful little heads of professors and students would be deceived and falsely instructed day after day by the illustrious genius and scientist?

Nothingness of nothingness and the metaphysical universe

We live in a metaphysical universe: first comes the void and then the physical; first comes the uncontaminated and then the contaminated, first comes the abstract and then the concrete; in short, the unspeakable comes before the speakable.

For billions and billions of years the universe was only an infinite vacuum. Nothingness of nothingness dominated. Parmenides’ “Is” ought to be transformed in Parmenides’ “Is not”.

Then, one day, spontaneously, the material appeared, the first particle, therefore life!

Now, when we talk about this last phenomenon called “life”, what do we know about it? It’s enough to know that it’s made up of particles – atoms, molecules, proteins, cells, bacteria, microbes, viruses, germs, pains etc.? And what does all this string of names tell us about real life? And before nothingness, what was there? Nothingness of nothingness. Ok, in this case nothingness of nothingness is the basis of our cosmic foundation. If so, then, all our scientific and philosophical knowledge must be reviewed.

I have an idea about this. That is? To see if we can improve our cosmic vision in a simple way. For example? There are many ways to find out this and each way more complicated than the other. I would propose something simple, very simple. What? I would propose to take 5 types of universes distinct from each other and among these 5 types of universes we must choose and give a vote to the one that seems to be like ours or the most close to ours. This knowledge should help us to have a better understanding about our cosmic basis as well as of the entire universe.


Deep space doesn’t exist it’s all nonsense


Are we crazy? Do we mock ourselves? Do they take us all for idiots? There is no deep space. Space is infinite and in this mini niche that we occupy in the universe and in infinite space, it only makes chickens laugh to think of finding anything else around the Great Whole.

Physically speaking, everything that exists in space is identical, the same, nothing changes from one phenomenon to another, all composed of the same matter, from the first particle.

Everything that exists in the solar system: particles, atoms, molecules, proteins, cells, living beings, material phenomena, from “a” to “z” are identical, change only form, shape, and this is so everywhere in the entire universe.

What is Euclid doing in space, then? All our planet, the Earth, needs is a space umbrella that protects it from other celestial bodies that come from deep space and how we could move them away from crushing against the Earth and avoid disaster. That’s all, the rest is waste of time and money paid by the taxpayers. Euclid a mockery for anyone who has a bit of brain!


The inner structure of the universe


The origin

The heart of matter

The mind

The brain


All what you could know

About the universe

In a few words.

On a chat about the universe, from the moment we begin to speak, we leave behind it, quite probably, another or other universes. This concept, however, wouldn’t concern us so much since one, a hundred or a thousand universes before ours, wouldn’t change much from each other regarding their inner structure: more or less they are all the same.

It’s true, the inner structure of the universe is a real puzzle for all those who would like to know it. But, then, in reality, is it so difficult to understand this macro element? Let’s see.

The numbers were born in Egypt, not with the pharaohs, but with the shepherds. Two sheep in the field, two pebbles in a box; 4 sheep in the field, 4 pebbles in the box, and so on. The day after this counting, when the shepherd returned to the field, he checked if the pebbles he had in the box were the same number as the sheep in the field.


Everything is a symbol therefore everything is culture

“A little learning

is a dangerous thing


 Alexander Pope


I’m not here, and perhaps I wouldn’t have been able, to explain the word “symbol” linguistically. It is a word of a certain age and comes from the ancient Greek and means “identity card”, (Wikipedia). I use it, in this article, as an idea, interpretation, concept, knowledge, culture and, above all, I use it as our second nature: the first is natural, the second cultural. We’ll deal with it in this article.

I repeat the title: “Everything is a symbol, therefore everything is culture”, therefore human. Outside of the human, everything is nature, a phenomenon whose origins and substance are and remain a question mark, and a question mark is even the one who is writing here. Instead, if nature is seen in human terms, then everything becomes personal interpretation, subjectivity, sense and nonsense. Instinct, honesty, falsehood, arrogance, beauty, science, killing, on the other hand, are culture, therefore symbol, therefore human.

As far as we know, no other species on Earth except homo-species has ever expressed his thoughts in written or spoken words. Only the homo-species did it. The world and the universe are his story, his biography.


Universities or mind killer factories? (rewritten)


What Schopenhauer and Nietzsche

Didn’t say about universities,

I’ll try to say it myself:

They are a real nest

Of venomous snakes.

Few students will be saved

Of all those who attend them.

The entire world

Is in the hands of these institutions

And their managers:

It has no escape

We can only see it dying.


I don’t want to annoy anyone with this post, even if I already have done so. I want to express my opinion about these institutions, since my idea about them is that they are not a nest of knowledge, wisdom and humanity, but rather a bazaar of confused designs and biased views.

Are there any reasons why we hold these highly estimable establishments accountable for inhuman and violent poisonous thoughts?

Well, one think is clear and is in our favour: those who rule the world have degrees, masters, academic papers obtained in the “universities”, and the world, the way they rule it, it’s a concentration field.

To govern a world like ours, which is made of victims and executioners, one ought to be more inhuman than human, and, accidentally, nearly all those who rule the world, they have been carved piece by piece in these mind factories called “universities”.

In their lecture rooms, they don’t produce health safe and positive ideas, they produce sick minds, frustrated people, destroyers and they are, in fact, destroying the planet from top to bottom and not building it as most of those right-thinking are inclined to think.

The academies (in ancient Greek: Ἀκαδήμεια, Akadḗmeia), as we see them, don’t bring out the best of man, but the worst and this since their birth in 387 B.C.

Our world is a product of the universe, and the universities hide this physical and mental reality openly and willingly. To its place they have put another one: theirs! Having done so, they have demonstrated to be only fiction factories, therefore unworthy of representing the world of wisdom and science as ours is.

When children, adolescents, young students point the muzzle of their gun and pull the trigger towards the bodies that are in front of them, behind the “trigger”, behind this act, there are all the schools, the colleges, the universities and the akadḗmeias of the world that are pulling the trigger!

The king, after thousands and thousands of years of lies, of cultural mythologies, of bloodshed, of wars, of absurdities and of other institutionalized nonsense, is finally naked and he will never again be the same.

I must conclude this post saying that it is not easy for a feeble creature like the human being is to have to deal, day after day, with an ocean of falsehoods and injustices. The truth, the reality, the objective knowledge could give his life a meaning and the courage to live, but the universities are there, instead, to rob him of everything that makes man a real human being.

I have no doubt, the people who ruled and are ruling the world, are also the people who, today or tomorrow, will destroy it, and the universities are the first to be responsible for this catastrophic ending.

Transparent universe and virtual immortality *


Learn to live in such a way

That allows you to make

Of a second an eternity

And live eternity as if it

Were made of one second.

A cosmic sensibility and knowledge

gives a healthy and full idea

how the universe is and functions

and how we ought to live

And to die in it.

With this post, I would like to make a present of “the whole universe” to my friends on Facebook, on Twitter, on the Web and in the whole world. And, since today I feel particularly generous and well disposed, I would like also to demonstrate that exists an immortality, a “virtual immortality”, and anyone who desires it, could easily conquer it. This is my second gift of the day.

Of course, “virtual immortality” has nothing to do with “digital immortality”. Digital immortality stinks of brain factories, of mechanical device, and our universe everything is, except a mechanical device.

These two words, “digital” and “virtual”, have nothing to do with one another. The first means artificial intelligence, mechanical gadgets, programmed machines, thinking robots, computers; the second, the virtual, means implicit characteristics, spontaneous, natural, logical, instinctive, potential inner powers. The first, therefore, the “digital”, means object created by man, by homo species; the second, “virtual”, means full of inborn potentialities intrinsically owned by matter, by nature, by the cosmos.


Reflection on Life and Death and Man’s real position in the universe


Exists a new philosophy of life?

Yes, it exists

And you’re about

To know it.


An existential will differs from the usual will that one leaves after death. This type of “will” lists the names or the name to whom one wants to leave his possessions; the “existential will”, instead, talks about how one lived, understood and wants to conclude his life.

My existential will should have ended in February 2022, when I turned 80. I never expected to reach this age. An Australian doctor, after having diagnosed me with Thalassemia Minor, said that I would live 72-73 years; if, instead, I had the Thalassemia Major, I would have died in a short time and I was, at that time, 34 years old. I suppose the doctor meant the average life of the Seventies. In any case, it didn’t go like he predicted and for me this was a real bonus of the elements that make up life.

My idea, and for more than 50 years, was that I would go towards death and not death towards me. We are “thrown into the world”, said the German philosopher Martin Heidegger, without being asked if we wanted a life or not. This idea disturbed me for many years and, being a human being and a writer, I consider my duty to talk about it.


The Cosmic Snail and the Mind

Science, do you mean real science?

The one that says the end was

Already in the beginning

That’s what I mean.

This is yet to be discovered.

“Einstein published, in 1905, his famous articles in the scientific journal ‘Annalen der Physik’, where only a few scientists and with difficulties could understand something”; I publish my articles on the Web, on Facebook, on Twitter and anyone, given their scientific simplicity and reality, can read and understand them in the whole world.


The soul doesn’t exist, neither does the spirit, they are concepts like Zeus and Brahma; the memory, instead, exists, I identify it with the mind.

The soul, has anyone seen it? The spirit, has anyone seen it? The memory? This is a physical part of a physical experience. So, even if you can’t see it, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

I remember when my sister got married; I remember the never-ending stair as I went up the Eiffel Tower; I remember when I climbed le Petit Ferret, near Mont Blanc, in Val d’Aosta. The memory is physical, therefore mental. The memory has deep roots. This kind of roots can sleep forever or be awakened at any moment and in any place by conscious matter. But, my sister’s wedding, the stairway of the Eiffel Tower, the ascent of le Petit Ferret, if compared to the deep memory of the mind, they are very recent.


The Mind is faster than Light *


Exists a real science?

Yes, it exists

The article you’re going to read

Talks about a new real science

Have a good reading.


We are made of atoms as any other phenomena existing in the whole universe: stars, planets, oceans, mountains, volcanoes, trees, living beings, all built piece by piece of atoms, particles, mini pieces of matter. The entire universe is teeming with atoms and particles. Atoms mixing with other atoms, atoms eating each other, fighting with each other, supporting each other, destroying each other, cuddling each other, mating, hating, loving each other. Ours is a world of atoms and created by atoms. No matter what appearance the immense takes, it is always and everywhere made of atoms.

Imagination, a very important tool of the brain, was born from atoms and not atoms from imagination. The same with thought, invention, spirit. If we wanted to create a phenomenology of the spirit, not according to Hegel, but according to “real science” and in an atomic sense, this could revolution our usual vision of life and teach us how to travel with the mind till the origin of the universe, that is till the origin of the proto-element in an instant.


Logical and Factual truths



“The father of science, Democritus, when the Greeks asked him to show them what an atom was, he took a piece of cheese, put it on a table, took a knife and then in front of them started cutting the cheese into two pieces. He went on cutting each piece into two pieces until he couldn’t cut the last piece anymore. Then Democritus stopped cutting, looked at the people who were watching him carefully and said: ‘Here is your atom, the piece that I no longer can divide into two pieces’. This is not theory, this is science. Science can exist without theory, but not theory without science”.

Bart Kosko*, in his book “The Fuzzy-Thought”, defines logical truths and factual truths as follows: “The difference between logical truth and factual truth founds two vast theories, the theory of coherence and the theory of correspondence. Logical truth is part of the theory of coherence or truth as coherence. The statement 1 + 1 = 2 is true because we have consistently applied the rules of mathematics. The fairy tale ‘the little mermaid’is true in the sense that it is coherent, that is internally consistent, but doesn’t correspond to any real fact.” In fact, in nature, ‘the little mermaid’doesn’t exist.


Has man a sense and a future in the world in which he lives?




I’ll try to sketch, in this article, our cosmic reality. I see it divided into two categories: objective and subjective or real and not real. Particles, atoms, molecules, all physical things are real; ideas, theories, concepts, are unreal in the sense that they are not physical. The physical world is totally independent from the human world, we, without the physical world, wouldn’t exist. Sure, we can have a brief, a very brief influence on it, a local influence, but in the long run the world would starts again and again to be the world. Differently said, harmony is a temporary phenomenon, chaos is its real stabilized nature.

This picture leads me to talk about man and his place in the universe, not in a wishful way, not in an academic or philosophic way, but in a palpable concrete way. I’ll do it in giving eight brief pictures of the universe, and in these eight brief pictures I’ll try to describe it and our position in it as objective as I can.

First picture of the universe. Let’s see, for an instant, all the phenomena that make up the entire universe, not the way we want to see them, but for what they are: things without names, naked bare objects in an immense vacuum. This is their reality. Seeing them so, how would they appear to us? They would appear as bodies, bodies big and small, strong and weak, bare and barren, of long and short duration, bodies, phenomena and nothing else.


My science, My philosophy



The so-called science – quantum physics, entanglement, mathematics, spacetime – for what concerns the base and the meaning of the universe, cannot help us. It is only a mental artifice, an Everest of artificial symbols and thoughts… Our interest, in this field, is associated with “the most reliable facts”. The lack of these is the lack of a true dialogue both with the universe and among ourselves.

The science that Immanuel Kant called, not synthetic knowledge, but analytical knowledge, is also my science. In fact, it is precisely what I apply in the construction of the cosmic evolution. In other words, synthetic science has to do with facts, experience, empirical studies, etc.; analytical science has to do with logical, reasoning, concepts, etc. It is important to emphasize that synthetic knowledge can change over time, but this doesn’t happen with analytical knowledge: man is mortal, synthetic knowledge; nothingness of the nothingness is immortal, analytical knowledge.

In this sense, my science is a science that goes beyond ordinary science. Ordinary scientists are “the laborers of science”, without wanting to offend them. They, with some exceptions, don’t go beyond the microscope and telescope. Moreover, they belong to the System and, therefore, aren’t free thinkers. Kantian analytical science, begins right here, beyond the microscope and telescope, particularly when we are talking about nothingness of  nothingness and the history of the universe.


The Four Pillars Which Hold up the Cosmic Edifice (2)



Love, passion, knowledge and hard work

I would like to say, in a synthetic way, that I didn’t arrive to this cosmic knowledge by chance, by taking measurements, or by experiments, or looking under a microscope or through a telescope, I arrived to it with love, passion, will to know the real truth of our world and hard work.

The universe, seen in its totality, is an orphan

If we want to consider it in a human way, the universe is an orphan. You might say, “No, the nothingness of nothingness is its parent.” This is true. The universe came into existence thanks to nothingness of nothingness and the first particle. However, in spite of it, you can feel even sorry for this lonely big huge phenomenon.

The universe is a metaphysical world


The Four Pillars Which Hold up the Cosmic Edifice


The universe is supported by four fundamental pillars. Here they are:

1         nothingness of nothingness

2         the proto-element

3         space

4         time

Let’s look at them one by one.


The first: nothingness of nothingness

Why we define it as “nothingness of nothingness”? Because in “nothing”, as it is seen by science, there are particles, atoms, molecules and therefore it is not correct to define it as nothing, but it is not so in nothingness of nothingness. In nothingness of nothingness there is nothing, nonexistence, zero, nullity, just an endless void and nothing else. Nothingness of nothingness is unique, is singular and nobody and nothing inhabits it. This is the first pillar of our cosmic edifice.


Einstein, a pillar of modern physics made of Papier-mâché (5) (6) (7) (8)



The existence of a phenomenon, be it small or big, is relative to its physical composition. There are phenomena whose existence lasts a moment – a neutron and an antineutron that collide at birth, for example – and others that last billions of years. Their atomic composition and structure decide the duration of their existence.

At the beginning of the 1920s, Einstein attacked the French philosopher, Henri Bergson, arguing that science knew it better than philosophy, just as Newton had done a couple of centuries earlier with the German philosopher Leibniz. However, if time doesn’t exist, the “duration” of Bergson does exist. In fact, physical and biological bodies, including the body of Einstein, must deal, not with time understood in an Einsteinian way, but with the durée of Bergson. Every phenomenon composed of atoms, in the entire universe, must deal with Bergson’s duration and not with the time of Einstein. Perhaps the philosophical intuition of Bergson was lacking in the touchy scientist. Even his twin paradox is a question mark, of course.

In physics, the twin paradox is an thought experiment in special relativity involving identical twins: one of them makes a journey into the space in a high-speed rocket and returns back home after a short time to find out that his twin brother, who remained on Earth, has aged much more then him. What does all this relativity business mean? Only this. One thing is to walk down from Mont Blanc and another to do it with a hang glider: in the first case it takes 10 hours, in the second only 10 minutes. The same example, even if mine is less sophisticated than Einstein’s, applies with the twin brothers. (more…)

Einstein, a pillar of modern physics made of Papier-mâché * (1) (2) (3) (4)


Einstein, a pillar of modern physics made of Papier-mâché *


Sometimes I would have liked to be lazy and spend the rest of my days peacefully and in anonymity. Instead it’s impossible. In this last time I also have nightmares. I see myself sucked into a cosmic crater, in one of those craters that Einstein theorized about in his special or perhaps in his general relativity. Of course, he doesn’t call them cosmic craters, but objects trapped in the curvature of space-time. I can understand a bit about curvatures, but I don’t understand anything about space-time.

If you don’t understand anything about space-time, where’s the problem?

It’s not exactly so. I don’t understand anything in the way Einstein intends them, not in the way I understand space and time.

Well, demonstrate that Einstein’s theory is wrong.

It’s not easy.

There’s no other way.

I wonder, since, honestly, nowadays everybody knows that neither time nor space exists, now, if so, how could he create the theory of special or general relativity based in the existence of space-time? A real block. I can’t follow him.


The universe in the pocket or All what you need to know about it (2)


An idea, to be valid, must start from somewhere. I start from nothingness of nothingness, which seems to be, in fact, exactly nothingness of nothingness that gave way to the life of all the phenomena in the universe, and this is a good idea and a good base to start our discussion.

Nothingness of nothingness is the true beginning of the universe. A metaphysical basis, but this metaphysical basis is inevitable in order to support and understand the reality that surrounds us. There are no other stories here, this is the Story and the History of our universe. Before it there was nothing or an empty huge void without anything. How could I describe this void? It can be seen from all sides as an immense and infinite space, or as small as the tip of a pin. This tip, over the years and centuries, transforms itself, randomly, but transforms itself into a particle, a very tiny particle and the void is no longer empty. Something now inhabits it. This first particle, like the DNA cells and genes that double, also this particle doubles and transforms itself constantly. Some say in strings, others in quanti (particles), others in quarks and still others in protons, neutrons, atoms. Meanwhile billions and billions of years have passed since its start and the void has become full and become so full to create the suitable and sufficient material to produce a nuclear reaction and finally generate the Big Bang. This, the Big Bang, in a flash of time, filled a part of the void with matter, and this matter today is full of what we call planets, stars, galaxies, black holes, white holes and other phenomena. Voilà the base, the beginning, the birth and the evolution of the universe. Of course, there are other versions of the beginning of the universe, but they are not scientifically and philosophically convincing, much less rationally, they could be seen only as mythological stuff.

The nothingness of nothingness, then? Well, after all nobody can prevent us from seeing it as something and, in fact, something is: it is the nothingness of nothingness! This conceptual phenomenon comes before any other. Without it, nothing would have existed, nothing at all. The “All” and the “Nothing” nestle in the “nothingness of nothingness”. The All and the Nothing are our first and last reality. We are the Whole and the Nothing in this sense: once we are transformed from nothing to everything and another from everything to nothing. If we have a body, a head, a brain, a thought, we owe it to them: to the All and the Nothing. Without them, no universe, no solar system, no earth, no species and of any kind. All and Nothing, with the capital A and N, therefore, are our being, our body and our way of thinking and also the Theory of Everything for those who need it.

My goal, in these 10 posts is to conquer the spirit and the heart of the phenomenon of phenomena: the Universe in its Totality. How? I’m proving it post after post.

I want to know the reality of this mass of objects thrown everywhere in space. This is all I want to know. I’ve always wanted it. Perhaps, to create a work of this kind, it takes a touch of madness, of that phenomenon that pushes us relentlessly towards the deepest abyss of space and knowledge. knowledge, in fact, has something in common with the first particle, the two complement each other: no particle, no knowledge and vice versa. Thus, when we push ourselves into the infinite abyss of matter and the nothingness of nothingness, all the means of knowledge come together in a single point: to make the universe transparent with a cosmic illumination enclosed in a single spark and we, creatures aware of ourselves and of what surrounds us, we are this spark that illuminates and sees everything. Poetry, hallucinations, madness, you say. No, I answer, Science with a capital S.



The universe in the pocket or all what you need to know about it


Most scientists

They always start their studies

From the existing universe

But they never wondered

What happened there

Before the existing universe

Since the universe


Didn’t start with the big bang.

“Einstein published, in 1905, his famous articles in the scientific journal ‘Annalen der Physik’ , where only a few scientists and with difficulties could understand something; I publish my articles on the Web, on Facebook, on Twitter and anyone, given their scientific simplicity and reality, can read and understand them in the whole world”.


A short announcement 

I diluted 4 pages written on “The universe in the pocket” in 10 posts. I hope, if my forces allow me, to publish them on Facebook, every other day a post in Italian and a post in English.

In these 10 posts I would like to sketch the history of the universe from its origins to its end. The knowledge of our origins, since man became aware of his life, has never stopped searching for them. Throughout history the best heads have spoken and written of cooked and raw in this subject, they have made bloodbaths fighting for this and for that origin and, even today, this idea sows deaths and mental confusions in every corner of the Earth.

I don’t know how to say it without being taken for a fool or an arrogant, but I do know that we, the homo species, cannot live in a world we don’t know, not in serenity, however. I know this. My endeavor in this work is this: since the old science couldn’t give an answer to this important question and not even the new one, but, someone, sooner or later, must do it. I did it myself.

My intention on what I am about to write is to make my concept of the universe easier to understand. I would start by describing it in an evolutionary way. Not in a biological way like the Darwinian one, but in a physical way starting from Nothingness of Nothingness, then with the first particle, then with all the other metamorphoses that took place along evolution up to the Big Bang, then, after the Big Bang, with the first star, the first galaxy, the first supernova, the Solar System, the Earth, the seas, life, species and, finally, the human creature. After all, we are what we think and what we think is not ours, it belongs to the universe that created the elements for us to be.

We are, in short, a miniature of the universe, a physical, conscious, human universe. All the elements that make up our body are found in the universe. And what does this mean? It means that we can understand it as we understand our mother: we come into the world from its womb. In short, the universe is just a little bigger than us physically, that’s all!

Here is the demonstration. Thinking with our mind, we can, in a matter of seconds, travel to the Big Bang, to the First Particle, to Nothingness of Nothingness. Why? Because our roots are there and we remain in contact with everything that has proceeded us in an abstract, physical and biological way.

In short, the lord universe is just a little bigger than us physically, that’s all!

Jacques Monod’s theory of “Chance and Necessity”, which fits perfectly with Darwinian evolutionary theory, could also be applied to the theory of the universe starting from the Nothingness of Nothingness and reaching us. Here, however, in this theory, it is not the biological species that arrive on the terrestrial screen by chance and affirm themselves by necessity, here we are dealing with physical phenomena that are realized in the universe by chance and affirm themselves by necessity starting from their relative mass.

My theory on the evolution of the universe cannot be falsified. Here I recall the concept of Karl Popper. To falsify it, it would be necessary to demonstrate that another concept such as, the All of the All is opposed to Nothingness of Nothingness, only this could falsify it, but until we find that at the beginning there was the All of the All we cannot falsify it and, therefore, it will remain a full-fledged science, just as until a white raven is found, the concept of the black raven will remain so. Of course, one could always say: “Before there was the previous universe, therefore, the All of the All”. Well, then another might say: “Before the black crow there was the white crow”, and so on. It would never end.

In Darwin’s theory, chance and necessity guide the winning species; in the Big Bang theory, the physical phenomena scattered throughout the universe born from the Big Bang. In my theory of the beginning of the universe, starting from Nothingness of Nothingness and arriving at the Big Bang, it is all an abstract, logical reasoning and can only be denied with another abstract, logical and more truthful reasoning than mine. Before the Big Bang, however, there is no place for science as we know it today. It is a hermetically sealed world. To enter it, first you need to have a good knowledge of the universe born from the Big Bang and then, and only then, with induction, deduction, reason, abstract but actually concrete science have free entry into the world born from the first particle and reaching the Big Bang event. Those who lack these prerogatives, will remain outside.

And then, we can also put it like this, who could ever go beyond the Big Bang and then to the Nothingness of Nothingness? The chances of falsifying the concept of Nothingness of Nothingness, both logically and scientifically, are almost non-existent. They can be falsified from the first to the last mythological concept, but the Nothingness of Nothingness can’t be falsified. This, the Nothingness of Nothingness, can be considered in good hands and also considered the indispensable basis of the universe.

The article you are reading is divided in 10 posts. With this article I give to the whole of humanity, and I don’t want to sound arrogant, the beginning and the end of the universe, not fantastically, not mythologically, not for how the science manuals describe it and not even for how the eaters of numbers and equations want it ( it is not my intention to offend these gentlemen, but I leave them the interpretation they want to give to my words ), but with a real start and a real end. The life of mankind and of every other species on Earth and in the Great Whole, is played out on this landscape, others are but don’t exist.

Copyright or all the rights belong to the respective owner

There are three more posts to come

God is a deadly invention


God is not salvation

Religion is not salvation

God and religion are not salvation

God and religion are slavery

Slavery of the mind and slavery of the body

God is not love

God is not understanding

God is misery

God is bloodshed

God is misery and bloodshed

God is not a dream

God is not a joy

God is a nightmare

God is an endless mockery

A deadly invention against life and humanity

To all of you

Fools of the earth

If you don’t have any better idea

To live your lives:

Then get every day drunk and have fun!

Extreme sports (1, 2, 3)


Extreme sports (1)


Have you ever wondered what extreme sports are for? Have you ever wondered why no other animal on Earth, not only doesn’t do any extreme sports, but doesn’t do any sport at all? Why has no other monkey ever tried to climb the Everest for the fun of it? Why have I never seen a herd of hippos line up and then race for who from them gets to the nearest lake first and just for the pleasure of the victory? Why does no eagle fly into a dark cave and then communicate to his fellow creatures “I did this”? Why has no wildebeest ever tried to cross a river on a tightrope for the fun of it? Why dive in a shark-infested sea? Why, in short, why jump from the sky from an airplane without a parachute?

According to Aristotle, man is a rational animal. Pascal did not see it this way when he wrote: “All the unhappiness of men has only one source, that is, not knowing how to remain quiet in a room”. Here, thanks to Pascal, are some reasons why we do extreme sport, a sport we know in advance that it can cost us our life, yet we do it!


The Bloodless Revolution


Today, and we must admit it, even if our managers and owners of these media worldwide, may turn out to be on the wrong side of society, but, in reality, are they? Indeed, thanks to these media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Web, Wikipedia, etc. -, thanks to them, the People of the whole world, the one who has been kept in chains and in cultural darkness for millennia, the one to whom education has not been and is still not at hand today, thanks to Facebook, Twitter, etc. , is becoming aware of how the pyramidal society in which we live of “homo species” is really built on this rock that turns and turns around the sun. THIS IS A REVOLUTION WITHOUT BLOOD SHEDDING, THE FRST OF ITS KIND IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.

We can say that from the Slave Revolution, which began with Spartacus, to that of the Magna Carta in England 1215, and ending with the Cuban one, none of them, except that of the Magna Carta, perhaps, none of them did not shed seas of blood, and what obtained? Those who wore the chains still wear them today. And not only. THE REVOLUTION WITHOUT THE SPILLING OF BLOOD is also instructive, educational, cultural, human on a world level, never before has the People, without which nothing is born, grows or flourishes, had a Revolution of this kind.


My chat in Singapore


In this chat, has man a sense in the world in which he lives?, I will talk about cosmic reality, cosmic reality as it is and not how we want it to be. Forgive me if I insist in these two ways of seeing the world: one objective and one subjective. I divide the world into real and not real. Particles, atoms, molecules, all physical things are real; ideas, theories, concepts, are unreal in the sense that they are not physical, they exist thanks to the physical world. This last one is totally independent from the human world. Sure, we can have a brief, a very brief influence on it, a local influence, of course, this yes, but, in the long run, the world will be always the old world. Life and harmony are a temporary phenomenon in our universe; chaos and disasters, instead, are its real stabilized nature: entropy and the second law of thermodynamics require it.

Next post: first image of the universe (already published)


From a metaphysical universe to a physical one



“Einstein published, in 1905, his famous articles in the scientific journal ‘Annalen der Physik’ , where only a few scientists and with difficulties could understand something; I publish my articles on the Web, on Facebook, on Twitter and anyone, given their scientific simplicity and reality, can read and understand them in the whole world”.


All scientists

They always start in their workies

From an existing universe

But have they ever wondered

What was there before this

Existing universe?

The universe didn’t start with the big bang



From the moment we start talking about a phenomenal universe, contemporarily we leave behind us the metaphysical one. But, then, do we really leave it behind us?

Classical physics, or the physics of the infinitely large and quantum physics, or the physics of the infinitely small, come, at a certain stage, into play with one another. From this contact large-small the phenomenal universe was born. But, what was there before them?

Nothingness of nothingness.

And before nothingness of nothingness?


If we try to explain the universe in this way, it makes sense, so do we, and all becomes simple and clear. Otherwise, all is absurd, including ourselves!

Here is for you the Universe without tricks, simple to understand and with a few words!

Furthermore, I would like to add, that to the “Theory of Everything”, I’ll oppose the “Knowledge of Everything” which, in my opinion, makes sense, while the other one is only abstract nonsense.


How to be cured from religion


I read the Bible, almost from top to bottom, in French, English and Italian. When I read it in English, I was in Australia, in Melbourne, and I remember very well that I found the reading full of things that I didn’t find them mentally digestible, reasonable, human. Anyone who has read this book, perhaps understands me. In short, its reading is absurd when compared with real life.

In other words: Can we believe that a few millennia ago God created the world from nothing and in 7 days? Can we believe that the kangaroos were in Noah’s Ark and then swam to Australia? Can we believe, after seeing it from the sky, that the Earth is flat? I must continue? Thank you.

One time, instinctively and with all my strength, I threw the Bible I was reading against the window of my flat and broke the glass. Why read it, you may say, if you found it illegible? Because I wanted to understand, before having my own opinions on a book written by God himself!, and so at times I forced myself to read other books, not that I liked them, but because I wanted to know their content personally and to know it, I had first to read them.


“I, Francis Sgambelluri, declare myself to be the DISCOVERER of the true beginning of the Universe” article pagiarized


Ho l’impressione che tra ieri e oggi  questo mio articolo è stato plagiato si Facebook.

Vorrei chiedere, dato che l’ho pubblicato sul sito “ASTONOMY KNOWLEDGE” se ne sanno qualcosa.

Ho avuto un breve contatto per iscritto con “Filip Nemeri Astronomy Knowledge” e il suo comportamento mi ha sorpreso molto in negativo.

Il mio lavoro è conosciuto su Facebook, Twitter, Linkdin e non parliamo poi di libri e areticoli ecc. e “I, Francis Sgambelluri, declare myself to be the DISCOVERER of the true beginning of the Universe”, è un lavoro originalissimo che porta, passo dopo passo, all’origine dell’universo.  

Comunque alla fine del mio articolo c’è scritto: “Having said that, if you found the article interesting, spread the word, send it to whoever you want, even to magazines and newspapers, obviously “leaving my name and my copyright”, thank you!” Quindi this copyright COPYRIGHT hope it’s enough to protect my work, di protegere il mio lavoro dai pagliatori, dai ladri delle opere altrui.

In “Bad Astronomy sotto, che io ho trovato su Internet, Google, c’è il nome di Filip Nemeri

Bad Astronomy: Misconceptions and Misuses Revealed, from … › Bad-Astronomy-Misconceptio…

Philip Plait clears up every misconception on astronomy and space you never … Though some may find him strident, Plait succeeds brilliantly because his …

Hai visitato questa pagina in data 20/05/22

Bad Astronomy: Misconceptions and Misuses … – Amazon.it › B0014ESXVY

“Bad Astronomy is just plain good! Philip Plait clears up every misconception on astronomy and space you never knew you suffered from.

Sono stato invitato e onorato anche dalla Oxford University to tallk about my work…

Thank you, now you know readers “My ideas are my ideas” and the thieves, those who plagiarize the work of others should be treated by the law as such!

Sorry for the confusion, I am a little too much worried and angry that certain people could rob others …


Francis Sgambellury

Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchill in the Mirror


“Germany should be bombed regularly

every 50 years even for no reason “.

Cit. Sir Winston Churchill


It’s time to make some comparisons between these two historical figures: Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchill. I will be very brief and I hope not to say stupid things, I who am not a historian.

Art and politics, Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchill, had them in their blood and more precisely, the first, Adolf Hitler, had them in his heart; the second, Winston Churchill, had them in his brain. Of the first it is said that he was a monster, with a heart I would add; of the second it is said that he was a great man, with the brain I would add. Let’s start with the latter.

Sir Winston Churchill, thanks to his brain, he would have sent 400,000 soldiers, mostly British, to the slaughterhouse on the beach of Dunkirk if it would have been up to him, and perhaps the Second World War could have ended there; the Führer Adolf Hitler, thanks to his heart, didn’t bomb those 400,000 thousand soldiers stranded in Dunkirk either from the air or from the ground; Sir Winston Churchill, thanks to his brain, in the Operation Catapult 1940, shot French ships, his allies, for fear that the Germans could seize them and then use the ships against the British; the Führer Adolf Hitler, thanks to his heart, spared Paris and its monuments despite the negative behavior of the French against the Germans, particularly in the Versailles negotiations at the end of the First World War; Sir Winston Churchill, thanks to his brain, in 1940 many Londoners wanted peace, he wanted war and he got it; the Führer Adolf Hitler, thanks to his heart, delayed his attack on Russia for three months (and it was fatal for him and Germany, some experts said, due to the change of season) to go to help the poor Italian soldiers who ended up under the fire of the Greeks; Sir Winston Churchill, while the war raged in the desert of El Alamein, he painted quietly and happily in a palace in Marrakech; the Führer Adolf Hitler, thanks to his heart, had begun to understand at a certain moment of the war that his generals no longer obeyed him; Sir Winston Churchill, thanks to his brain, at the end of the Second World War, when Germany was now just a pile of debris, had Dresden and other German cities that still breathed razed to the ground; the Führer Adolf Hitler, thanks to his heart, in the last days of his life married his partner, Eva Braun, and then committed suicide together with his wife in order not to end, both he and she, neither alive nor dead in the hands of the enemy.


I, Francis Sgambelluri, declare myself to be the DISCOVERER of the true beginning of the Universe


“Einstein published, in 1905, his famous articles in the scientific journal ‘Annalen der Physik’ , where only a few scientists and with difficulties could understand something; I publish my articles on the Web, on Facebook, on Twitter and anyone, given their scientific simplicity and reality, can read and understand them in the whole world”.


All scientists

They always start in their workies

From the existing universe

But have they ever wondered

What was there before this

Existing universe?

The universe didn’t start with the big bang



Before arriving at the nothingness of nothingness, or at the beginning of the universe, I made a long journey and, once I arrived at my destination, I realized that I ended up where there is nothing of nothing. The nothingness of nothingness reigns everywhere. Before me there is only infinity and above my head the universe that I have just left behind. A unique and unwelcoming view surrounds me. I decide to take a dip in the immense. I have no sense of time. I travel with the mind and when you travel with the mind you can go around the Big Whole in the blink of an eye. The speed of the mind, and one can be a master of this art only and only if one has a real or imaginative knowledge of it, the speed of the mind, however, compared to that of the light is much slower than that of an old tortoise. In any case, at one point I turn around as I swoop down and, amazed, I notice that the universe in which I had traveled was reduced to a mammoth ball. At this point I thought I was going to see other bloated balls, but the void of nothingness was now in every point around me, just a 360 degrees open space and the big ball that was getting smaller and smaller and nothing else. There was no more reason for me to go further from where I was. And then to find what? I returned to my ball, to my universe and resumed the journey towards the Milky Way, towards home.

I was born the 11 February 1942 in an old house in Pantaleo, under a mountain called Timpa in dialect. When I left this place, around 15 years, I spoke only the Pantaleo dialect, I imitated the sounds of animals and that of natural phenomena – thunder, rain, wind, etc. Since that farewell to my family, my Timpa and my animals, my life has been nothing more than a single battle in order to be able to study.


I invited to the UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD ?


Mr. Priestly Williams writes on Facebook after reading my “The cosmic foundations and the discovery that God is = to Nothingness of Nothingness” and some other titles of my books that I have published:“The Trilogy”, namely “Flash about man and the universe”, “From nothingness of nothingness to virtual immortality”, and “Son of the elements and the big bang, the cosmic autobiography of a human being”, plus “The 4 pillars that support the universe and the before and the afterlife of the Big Bang”, published by Contro Corrente (Print MnM Edizions), plus the article I published on my blog: “Einstein, a pillar of modern physics made of papier mache or my Singapore speech”.

Here are his words:

“Are you over burdened by assignments? We can help you out. We have highly qualified and experienced expert in each field. Our fee is pocket friendly. We offer discounts to our clients with many orders. Kindly message us in case you need help. Thank you.

My reply:

Thank you so much Sir. I am very pleased and honored by your invitation to talk about my work in the prestigious University of Oxford. No Italian university has ever invited me or just considered my work. *

Still many thanks and greetings.


Francis Sgambelluri



*   P. S.    I don’t exclude the fact that to present my work, the University of Oxford would ask me for a fee. Anyhow, I’m sure that Mr. Priestly Williams will give me more details about it.

The cosmic foundations and the discovery that God is = Nothingness of Nothingness



“Einstein published, in 1905, his famous articles in the scientific journal ‘Annalen der Physik’ , where only a few scientists and with difficulties could understand something; I publish my articles on the Web, on Facebook, on Twitter and anyone, given their scientific simplicity and reality, can read and understand them in the whole world”.


I don’t understand why I didn’t grasp it before. Yet it was easy to imagine. God represents Nothingness of Nothingness, that is what we don’t know and never will. It is something that could be as big as the head of a pin or big as the whole space. In all its vastness or microscopic nature there isn’t a single billionth of a billionth of space different from all the rest. Everything is the same. This is the primordial space and also the house of Nothingness of Nothingness.

It took me 80 years to figure it out. God = to Nothingness of Nothingness. No one, since this story began, has ever discovered a single real phenomenon in it: just as in Nothingness of Nothingness, with the difference the last one is a real empty phenomenon and God only an invented concept. Of course, it can’t be excluded. We can, indeed, we must conceive that the first particle appeared by chance, spontaneuosly from Nothingness of Nothingness, that is from an infinite void. We can also imagine that the primordial particle has, over billions and billions of years of evolution, doubled so many times itself to create a physical mass huge enough to detonate the big bang and, therefore, create the universe we know today. This intuition, if true, would lead our big bang, from its current position, to the true beginning of the universe billions and billions of years before.


A Revolution with the capital R


Today, and we must admit it, even if the managers and masters of these means of communication worldwide, may turn out to be on the wrong social side, but in fact, are they? Indeed, thanks to these media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Web, Wikipedia, etc. – thanks to them, the people of the whole world, the one for whom education is not always at hand, are becoming aware of how physically and politically this rock that turns and turns around the Sun is really made and ruled. Conscious or unconscious, it is a real Revolution without bloodshed. And not only. It is also instructive, educational, cultural and a human revolution, never done it before. Such a Revolution (with a capital R) on a planetary level could bring about social changes that we don’t realize it yet.

I have taught in different countries and in my classrooms there were sometimes 20 students and sometimes more and others less, but today when I publish an article on Facebook, Twitter, etc., it could be seen and read by thousands of people. A big difference, isn’t it? Thanks to all those who deserve them!

My realism: we live in the worst of all possible worlds


This is my thesis, the thesis supported by my 80 years dedicated to understanding man and the universe. For me, in fact, the universe in which we live, starting from its smallest particle that appeared by chance up to its largest galactic mass, is a unique and insurmountable irrationality. No god, no scientist, no philosopher, metaphysician, astronomer, man could never, despite of all his talents, science and creativity, never would be able to create a world more worse, hellish and meaningless than ours: a unique and insurmountable monstrosity.

Let us not be influenced by the fragrance of the roses, flowers, the beautiful landscapes, the first love, because these dazzles one day, if we wake up from the natural sleep, we then discover that they were nothing else than the prelude to a nightmare to come.

The Earth we live on, together with the solar system, are nothing more than a fabric of endless catastrophe. Plants, species, herbivores and carnivores, including homo sapiens sapiens, from birth to death know nothing more than a battle fought day by day and only to stay temporarily alive, just the time to discover that they are living in the worst of all possible worlds.


The transparent universe


A cosmic awareness

gives us a healthy and full idea

how the universe is concretely made

and not as we want it to be”!


With this post, friends of Facebook, of Twitter and of the Web, I will give you the whole universe and forever. Do you think, maybe, that I’m crazy telling you this? At all! Read this article first and then decide if I am crazy or you, perhaps, a bit surprised by this argument!

Let’s begin:

This post could make some chattering, not noises created by numbers, equations, particles, quants, none of this stuff, but real chattering or, if you want, noises of species, of planets, of the solar system, of galaxies and, finally, cosmic noises, noises never heard before and much less will be heard in the future, they are, putting all of them together, a unique murmuring universal sound in the background.

Our universe, finally!, has become transparent, all crystal clear, there are no more mysteries about it, a single and universal mirror. In fact, once we know that our universe has a metaphysical background, that it has a beginning and an end, and from its first particle to the last of which it is composed, scientifically speaking, is pure irrationality. In short, once we have taken consciously a realistic picture of our universe, then we can say that we understand who we are and the world and the universe in which we live.


The Four Pillars Which Hold up the Cosmic Edifice *

The four pillars which hold up the cosmic edifice are nothingness of nothingness, the proto-element, space and time.

The human species

Since we humans became a thinking species, we have sought to understand who created us, where we come from, who created the world, who lived in the sky, where we went after we died, etc. etc. In this respect, over the millennia of history, the human species has invented masses and masses of fairy tales, of stories, of mythologies about gods and other fanciful beings which I don’t want to list here. That is not the purpose of this article. Here I would like to propose to you the origins of the universe. The rest should be easy to understand.


The universe, as we know it today, is supported by four fundamental pillars, i.e., on nothingness of nothingness, on the proto-element, on space and on time.


Frank Ferreri’s existential testament


“Death will come

And it will have your eyes”, Pavese says

“Not mine, I say

Because I’ll have them before her.”


In the meantime, I would like to say that, despite all the adversities I had to face in life, I have achieved what I wanted to achieve: to understand my fellow men, the universe and the world in which I was born and lived. In my way I understood them.

Sure, I could have committed suicide without saying a word, as most suicides do. Instead, I do the opposite, I write the reasons that led me to this act and I say that for me suicide was one of the most convenient things of my life: I could get rid of it when and how I wanted.

My death, therefore. In fact, I had already decided on this act towards the end of the Sixties, in Paris. Then it didn’t happen. Then, the “then” of this time, became the then of today and between these two “thens” passed more than 50 years. I reasoned like this in those past times and I still think like this:

Being born from nothing and then returning to another nothing without a “but” and without a “why”, is not fun for a mind that thinks and from any point of view one sees it.


What are really the universities?


In two words: factories of the mind. Let’s look at them a little close. Meanwhile, when I write saying that the universities are factories of the mind, I mean factories of the State, of the Church, of the Capitalism, of Military Academies, of Science in general, etc., this confirms their servile function towards their masters. Furthermore, I don’t say this because I want to offend them, much less insult university students, graduates or because I am envious since I am not a graduate. At all. This thought has never even crossed my mind, especially since I don’t see graduates and non-graduates around, I only see human beings. When I write saying that universities are factories of the mind at the service of the Powerful Men, I write it because in reality they are so. Nobody is born with a degree or a specialization. Anyone who has a brain knows this, understands it. He/she doesn’t say it because certain things are not said, but this is the reality, a somewhat uncomfortable reality according to certain customs, but we have enough of falsehood and nonsense in this discriminatory and absurd world and we certainly don’t intend to make it even more unlivable.


Who are the real young and who are the real old


It’s true, “the years pass quickly”, but the youth, paradoxically, can remain because it depends, not on the years, but on our brain. Old age, in reality, has nothing to do with age; old age, as we understand it, doesn’t exist. Life, understood in a natural way, is a single cycle, it starts from birth and ends with death. This is not how the mental, cultural, historical and philosophical age works. A 25 year young man and an 80 year old man may be older, culturally speaking, the young man and not the 80 year old man. Old age is not in the body, but in the head. We are culture not flesh. One is born flesh, but becomes culture. Old age weighs itself with intelligence. Be clever and you’ll stay young even when you are 100 years old; be young but an idiot and you are already old!

But I, Francis Sgambelluri, who am I realistically?


I have spoken in these days about my autobiography. Now I would like to talk about my life by giving you a self-definition of its concreteness and physical evolution.

To begin with, I am an animal that represents the inanimate and the animated world in miniature.

What does it mean “world” for you ?, someone asks me.

I answer.

World for me means something that is formed by a set of atoms grouped in a small space of the universe that make up the inanimate and the animated phenomena that inhabit it and last as long as they can and then disappear.

From where come from these atoms?


The Universe as it is in 12 images


Einstein published, in 1905, his famous articles in the scientific journal “Annalen der Physik” where only a few scientists and with difficulties could understand something; I publish my articles on the Web, on Facebook, on Twitter and anyone, given their scientific simplicity and reality, can read and understand them in the whole world.

The only tolerable immortality is the virtual one and he who knows the universe  will conquest it. That’s what I propose in this post to the readers of the Web.


In these 12 images of the universe, starting with homo sapiens sapiens and ending with the immortal virtuality, each of us should be able to understand his own casualty and the meaning of his life in this  world of ours. I would like to start by saying that quantum mechanics and general relativity * represent the micro and the macro. In other words, the former belongs to the micro-world, the latter to the macro-world; the first appeared from nothingness of nothingness, the second emerged from the phenomena (i. e. the force of attraction is relative to the magnitude of each phenomenon in question); the first imposes a metaphysical question, the second a physical one; the first has to do with chance, the second with the end: big crunch or big chill; the second without the first wouldn’t exist, the first without nothingness of nothingness either. All this is logical as 2 + 2 = 4, and this helps us nearly to touch with our own hands the origins of the universe, but it doesn’t help us to make sense of our lives, this no or maybe yes? We’ll see.

Let’s start with the first image. Personally, of all the species on this planet, the one that most terrifies and amazes me, is the homo sapiens sapiens.