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Nothingness of nothingness and the metaphysical universe

We live in a metaphysical universe: first comes the void and then the physical; first comes the uncontaminated and then the contaminated, first comes the abstract and then the concrete; in short, the unspeakable comes before the speakable. For billions and billions of years the universe was only an infinite vacuum. Nothingness of nothingness dominated.

I, Francis Sgambelluri, declare myself to be the DISCOVERER of the true beginning of the Universe

  “Einstein published, in 1905, his famous articles in the scientific journal ‘Annalen der Physik’ , where only a few scientists and with difficulties could understand something; I publish my articles on the Web, on Facebook, on Twitter and anyone, given their scientific simplicity and reality, can read and understand them in the whole world”.

But I, Francis Sgambelluri, who am I realistically?

  I have spoken in these days about my autobiography. Now I would like to talk about my life by giving you a self-definition of its concreteness and physical evolution. To begin with, I am an animal that represents the inanimate and the animated world in miniature. What does it mean “world” for you ?,