Orazio Guglielmini’s will,

that is the four books that form it:

The divine Indifference ; The State: what a great plundering system ; Has life a meaning? and Italy: a real marvelous country. Orazio Guglielminis will was born from a strong need, a desperate need to understand the phenomenal world as well as the society and the culture we are living in.

Whats about? The first book, The divine Indifference explains, tries to explain, the origin and the conduct of religion; the second, The State: what a great plundering system, examines its structure and its doings; the third, Has life a meaning? attempts to understand if life has or has not a meaning; and the fourth and last one, Italy: a real marvelous country, analyzes, at least tries to do so, the authors country, from its far away past till nowadays, just like a psychotherapist would do with his patients.

Orazio Guglielminis will is a personal work. The writer interest in writing it was to free himself from all the traps that society created during thousands and thousands of years, years dominated mainly by selfishness and obscurantism. This system, this very old system, today, in the year 2010, still exists, didnt change, its the same. The same? Not exactly: worse!

The work of Mr FrancisSgambelluriwas published by himself. The State, in hismarvelous country, pays the publishers, so its clear!

Here there are some opinions and criticism of the work of Orazio Guglielmini.

indifferenza-divinaThe divine Indifference

I never really understood religion. I finally understood something of it after reading your book, The divine Indifference. Thank you.

Avanzi Maria


I would consider Mr.Sgambelluris book, The divine Indifference, a real masterpiece. He goes through Christian religion showing, in a simple language and a clear style, its so many expedients to stay alive along the centuries. More. MrSgambelluris work could be read as a suspense.

He explains how religion is not different from any other historical event, like cosmology, evolution, biology, anthropology, history, science, philosophy, psychology, art, literature, poetry and many other topics.

If anybody still has doubts about his own faith, he should read The divine Indifference: his doubts, at the end of the reading, will vanish completely.

Luigi Cascioli


It would be reductive to consider this book just unconventional, outrageous, brave or angry. The divine Indifference is a lot more. Its difficult to place it in a certain literary genre: not a novel nor an essay. Its not only an historical and philosophical study but a lot more. Only with reason and love for knowledge the author approaches the catholic culture making use of a big and reliable bibliography using clear and pitiless dialectics. It is not always necessary to agree with him and be influenced by him because that is not his purpose. The reader can easily discover page after page that nothing is believable only because it is imposed or accepted unconditionally but everything can be questioned with the help of reason. After reading it I firmly believe that you can hate or love this literary work but you can surely not feel indifferent.

Anna Campese
teacher and poet


My name is Patrizio Lampariello. I recently bought your book, The divine Indifference. I read it in a short time because it is fascinating and hits you personally. The reader can identify himself with Mr. Rossi.

Thestyle is clear and fluent, the author uses convincing and clarifying topics that turn this book into a landmark to everyone that wants to comprehend the manipulating character of the most powerful long-lived political institution in history. Catholic Church however manipulates the mind of over a billion people. I advise everybody to read this book which broaches every single question related to the transcendent that we alwayswanted to ask but we were always denied.

Christian religion feeds on our mental health and it is a real obsessive universal neurosis; just like Freud had understood. Sometimes ago I unchristianized myself; I didnt wont church to count on me. Ill never be a sheep of its flock again. All this changed the opinion of my family and co-workers had of me. But it was worth it, you can believe me! Like Nietzsche wrote: You lost yourselves so you looked for me. Now I demand you lose me to find yourselves.

We can receive the message and be given back our dignity as human beings with a mind and common sense.

Thanks again.

Patrizio Lampariello


lo-stato-predatoreThe State: what a great plundering system

Justice being taken away, then, what are kingdoms but great robberies? For what are robberies themselves, but little kingdoms? The band itself is made up of men; it is ruled by the authority of a prince, it is knit together by the pact of the confederacy; the booty is divided by the law agreed on. If, by the admittance of abandoned men, this evil increases to such a degree that it holds places, fixes abodes, takes possession of cities, and subdues peoples, it assumes the more plainly the name of a kingdom, because the reality is now manifestly conferred on it, not by the removal of covetousness, but by the addition of impunity.
Saint Augustine


What were the first four famous monarchies if not kingdoms full of outlaws, nations made up of adventurers, pirates and thieves where only brute force defended their banditry.

Jean Meslier


As far as evolution is concerned, the problem of social injustice is strictly linked to the crisis of the State intended as a predatory form of political organization which uses the sword since the day it was born. If this is true, mankind will probably not survive until the next hundred years, or not even fifty years, if man will not be able to overcome the insatiable will of sovereignty and hegemony distinctive of the State.

Marvin Harris

If only one person, one single person on the whole Planet will be unjustly mistreated, every institution in it, is not worth existing!

Orazio Guglielmini


ha-un-senso-la-vitaHas life a meaning?

The writer avoids convincing and comforting answers. His awareness marks him. But what really hits in this book is the great passion for science, art and poetry capable of making us feel our humanity as we go through a complex process of internal growth.

According to Francis it is up to us, being conscious of the inevitability of life, to give sense to our existence and to try to live every second of it like an intense moment of eternity.

Anna Campese (teacher and poet)



il-paese-delle-meraviglieItaly: a real marvelous country

“Guglielmini asked the employee: Doesnt the bank want to know what kind of business Id like to start?

He answered:No, the bank only wants to know if you have enough money to pay if your project goes to pieces. If you want, for what concerns the bank, you can open a bar even on the top of Mount Everest!”

“Dear Francis,

How can I even want to live in the marvelous country after reading your book? I feel discouraged even if I am not that pessimist as Orazio (Guglielmini), but I have to admit that your description of events is true and I agree with your interpretation.

So, I must say that I really enjoyed reading the marvelous contry, but at the same time I also must say that I am no longer happy of my country. Is there no solution?

My brother lives in Nottingham since 1970. He left Italy when he was 20 years old. Married with four kids and now that his business is about to close he comes to Italy 2 or 3 times a year and every time he criticizes our way of life, our relationship with one another, and every institution.

So why should I stand up and love my country? Maybe everyone has some flaws, perhaps you wanted to emphasize more than its due but at the end our civilization, compared to others, defines itself thanks to a sequence of bad behaviors like those of Sir Ciappelletto, that doesnt honor us in any way.”

Adolfo Marconetto

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