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Human History in a Nutshell

    For a new vision of humankind and of the universe   Greetings and welcome to this short, indeed very short, chat about the history of humankind. I will start by saying that today, on a global level, there is an uneasiness in this society of ours which has now gone beyond any limit

Scott Fischer and the 10th of May 1996 on the summit of the Everest

  If Scott Fischer became a great man, he didn’t become so because he was an excellent mountaineer, much less because he was the head of the business Mountain Madness, even less because he was an American and let’s not talk about being a good family man; Scott Fischer has become a great man because

Me and the Universe

  A new vision of the cosmos and life I need I don’t know about you but I need before I am going to die to have a vision of everything and my everything is this: