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6 scenarios of the inevitable end of mankind

(I must excuse myself for the mistakes, but I hope that somebody could find equally the post interesting) 1          By human hand 2          By an eruption of a supervolcano 3          BY the impact with a meteorite 4          By the gamma rays from a supernova 5          Swallowed by a black hole

The unnameable or a vision of the world without observers.

In other words, what would the universe be like if there were no human beings? It would not have a name, no attributes; it would not make any sense. It would be as it is. What does that mean? It means just that, nameless. All the mountains, plains, animals, plants, seas, planets, stars, galaxies, empty

Am I a believer, atheist or physicalist?

Firstly, we must ask ourselves, ignoring for a moment the question of believer or atheist, what is physicalism and what does it mean to be a physicalist. It actually means many things, and in my case, at least four. The first instance, and the one which revolutionised my existence, I owe to my Uncle Carlo.