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The inexistence of God: a deception of humanity which lasted thousands of years – 4 posts, the second

  In principle, God didn’t create either the heavens or the earth, but it was the Elohim, or those of them who made cultivatable fields from areas where there was water and sand, Mauro Biglino   Mauro Biglino says: “I don’t speak about God because the Bible doesn’t speak about God. In Hebrew, there isn’t

The non existence of God: a deception against humanity that lasted for millennia – 4 posts, the first *

In the beginning God created neither heaven nor earth, but it was Elohim, or whom for them, who modified a piece of land where there was water and sand,       Mauro Biglino It was inevitable that sooner or later this would happen. All the most intelligent men and genius of the Earth have always

In praise of matter

In the end it’s all a question of matter, in the end it’s a game between enlightened brains and primitive brains; in the end everything is relative, a see-saw between these two extremes: enlightened brains and primitive brains. The rest exists, but it’s as though it didn’t exist. Or rather, it exists as a kind