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Sir Winston Churchill, the painter

  “As long as we do not understand that the worst people in the world are those who govern and have governed it, we have not yet understood anything about ourselves or the world in which we live.”  Orazio Guglielmini   Here is how the great man expresses himself in this painting business: “I have

I’m hungry

I’m hungry, hungry to grow, but they don’t let me grow. I’m hungry, hungry to learn, hungry for knowledge, for science, for wisdom, but they instead fill my head at school and anywhere else with bla bla and other mental vulgarities. I’m hungry, hungry for Justice, for real democracy, for reghteousness, for honesty, but in

The abc of existence

(or, as an alternative, the reality for what it is, not as you want it to be)   You are born and you don’t know why you are born You are here and you don’t know why you are here You grow up and you don’t know why do you grow up You live and

Who are the real prostitutes?

First it should be pointed out that there are many types of prostitution, perhaps as many as there are men and women on Earth. Prostitution is a human phenomenon: animals don’t prostitute themselves, but human beings do. Throughout our history we have done nothing but construct a culture of prostitution for ourselves. Our social equilibrium

In praise of matter

In the end it’s all a question of matter, in the end it’s a game between enlightened brains and primitive brains; in the end everything is relative, a see-saw between these two extremes: enlightened brains and primitive brains. The rest exists, but it’s as though it didn’t exist. Or rather, it exists as a kind