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The love that nourishes and transforms us in human beings

    “Sex is a momentary itch, love never let you go,”          Kingsley Amis   Love, when it comes, let’s enjoy it until it lasts and, when it is finished, we must be grateful to those who we loved and loved us. He, deep down, doesn’t owe us anything; she, deep down, doesn’t owe

The reality of believing is that it is impossible to believe

“Whoever is scared of reality shouldn’t read me. I am reality.”       Orazio Guglielmini Six concepts which demonstrate the lack of foundation in matters of religious belief. What are they? The first is “ignorant”, the second is “egoistic”, the third is “prudent (knowing)”, the fourth is “absolute”, the fifth is “the will to believe”

The real united Europe, has ever existed?

  Not really. If so, I can’t understand why the Members of the European Parliament and their spokesmen, the journalists, go on saying that if things continue to go on as they are going, the united Europe will crumble. If only! In any case, the news is fake. It’s a lie. As James Bond has

The Inexistence of God: a Deception of Humanity Which Has Lasted Thousands of Years – 4 posts, the third

“In principle, God didn’t create either the heavens or the earth, but it was the Elohim, or those of them who made cultivatable fields from areas where there was water and sand,” Mauro Biglino After having passed over the six, six, six, six million Jews who starved or met other deaths in various countries, after