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The Culture of Violence

With its unmistakable identity, violence is both the essence and origin of politics. It is the proclivity of despots, those in power, to use violence towards those without power. It’s no good pulling the wool over our eyes telling lies to ourselves, we all know very well how things really are, we know that true

Catastrophism: a new vision of life and the asteroid 2012 DA14

In front of such a perspective/design, what the believer, the agnostic and the atheist have to say? Give your reply, if you would like to, after having read the post, thank you. We should think of our species and many others as being in perpetual danger of extinction. This theory is expounded by Dana Desonie

Am I a believer, atheist or physicalist?

Firstly, we must ask ourselves, ignoring for a moment the question of believer or atheist, what is physicalism and what does it mean to be a physicalist. It actually means many things, and in my case, at least four. The first instance, and the one which revolutionised my existence, I owe to my Uncle Carlo.