Be The Architect of Your Life

“The Art of Living”

Only while alive, Rossi, in this life, can we find meaning. When we are the architects of our own lives, we feel involved in something wonderful: we are living and writing our own history, we are the protagonists of ourselves. Our life is not fiction, not fantasy, but reality. We own the characters of our lives. This then, is the art of living. We write and produce our own novel according to our own will: the most wonderful novel ever written!

What could be better than our lives? The experience leads us from one adventure to another, from one discovery to the next: we grow from the base and coarse to the fine and refined: human beings. One is not born human, humanity needs to be conquered. When we are the manufacturers of our destiny, it all begins to makes sense and we are committed, we find strength and zeal, we are filled with desire and joy to do, to exist, to live. Be sure, Rossi, that no one can deny you of your fantastic and wondrous right to experience. Be the master and the servant of your own life!

I, Horace Guglielmini, live a positive life. I like to eat, drink, smoke, make love, play and revel, and I do not lack a sense of humour nor irony. If I can help it, I do not dramatize viscerally, only intellectually. For me, the world is a theater, a show, always new and fascinating. Real comedy is not found at the cinema, that is a vulgarization that portrays men in their artificial ways. Real drama, is to follow the evolution of a storm, to witness the birth of a human or animal, to see growth in the belly of the woman one loves, to observe the behavior of people who are unaware they are being observed, and to have appreciation for the grand spectacle that is the natural world. This is real theatre, unlike that invented by humans which is a flawed copy of the truth. Just as in a painter’s diminished version of nature in his paintings, contrived theatre diminishes reality on stage. There is no greater pleasure or joy, than to contemplate nature in all of its manifestations.

Be Rossi, the architect of your choices, your actions, your life, your all and everything, sign everything you do with your blood! Have the courage to be, be yourself, through thick and thin, for better or worse, to the core of your being! The art of living demands it!

Translated from the Italian by franc sgambelluri, canadian

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