Betsy Davis and Euthanasia


foto (3)No one can choose his birth, but one can choose, thanks to euthanasia and other curative methods more or less civilized, the death he wishes. This new fashionable therapeutic approach to the inevitable, unlike those who suffer the death waiting for it passively and cowardly (who didn’t rebel at least once in his life time against this absurd fatality?), is a living death, a great death. It’s not true that death is democratic, not at all, there is death and death. People who are born and die according to the laws of nature, they are twice defeated: when they are born and when they die. They come into the world without having asked for it and leave it without wanting to; they come into the world crying and they die terrified and without a torch. The death of Betsy Davis, thanks to her financial and intellectual possibilities, was a lucid death, an elegant, enlightened, ladylike death, a super death, a death that will be the model for all those who desire to be, not once again victims of now dead and buried beliefs, but the protagonists of their real unique existential epilogue.


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