6 scenarios of the inevitable end of mankind

(I must excuse myself for the mistakes, but I hope that somebody could find equally the post interesting)

1          By human hand

2          By an eruption of a supervolcano

3          BY the impact with a meteorite

4          By the gamma rays from a supernova

5          Swallowed by a black hole

6          Destroyed by the Sun’s death.

Which of these 3 scenarios will have the privilege to destroy us is difficult to predict, since all three, these horsemen of the Apocalypse, have the same chance and can occur at any time. We have no control over them. A supervolcano like that, for example, of Yellowstone, in America, could get burping anytime and throw so much volcanic stuff into the sky, as did the Toba supervolcano in Indonesia 73 thousand years ago, by obscuring the Earth for years; warmongering countries like Iran or Israel, could throw a nuclear bomb and start a war among the big of the Earth; a comet like the one that hit Jupiter in 1994, the Shoemaker-Levy 9, could hit us and stop our bla bla for ever.

Of the last 3, the first two scenarios, that is a Flash of gamma radiation (electromagnetic radiation) of a supernova or black hole, could contend each other our lives. In fact, a small black hole could escape our telescopic observations and peep in our cosmic neighborhood beginning to taste our closer stars and planets, before eating the Sun and us all.

In case we could escape from all the calamities that threaten our lives day after day, definitely we do not escape the Sun when it reaches its end. Our death, however, will come long before the Sun’s death. Millions, if not billions of years before the Sun dies, it will burn slowly and systematically everything on earth, then will dry the oceans and, finally, will put an end to the existence of the Earth melting and swallowing it.

Here there is its and our inevitable destiny, and it doesn’t change anything that everything happens tomorrow or in a million of years, at all, the result is the same: we will be annihilated and destroyed forever and of us and of our planet will not be left any sign, nothing at all, just like birds flying through the sky leaving no trace.

P. S. To all friends of the Web, with feeling and love, I wish a healthy, rich, joyful  and prosperous 2014. 


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