To die as a Christian is to die against nature *


If the Christian religion were true, I would be the first to embrace it. It is not. It is false. It is unnatural and anti-human.

God doesn’t exist, and all believers and non-believers know it.

Christ is fiction, like Don Quixote and Madame Bovary.

The Madonna is a ridiculous invention.

Heaven and Hell are just flatus vocis, non-existent and meaningless places and names.

Man is mortal.

Religion, therefore, is only politics, nothing but politics, one of the worst in the world. It only sells opium, fiction, social poison, illusions, lies, falsehood, rivalry and difference of opinion. With its ghostly and deadly merchandise, steals the lives of believers and, in the end, puts them in a coffin and sends them into nothingness with empty words and false promises. Is there something more diabolical and monstrous in the whole world?

Life is unique, is beautiful, is fantastic, is priceless and every man who is born is a god who is born and a god who dies. Watch out then, watch out the deadly traps the priests have placed everywhere around the world!


*          I don’t want to offend anyone, but unfortunately I have no choice: between false and true, I choose the true.



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