What distinguishes me from Copernicus, Newton, Einstein and Hawking:


Things as they are

and not as we want them to be


I have something to say about the universe that Mr Copernicus didn’t have,

I have something to say about the universe that Mr Newton didn’t have,

I have something to say about the universe that Mr Einstein didn’t have,

I have something to say about the universe that Mr Hawking didn’t have:

I know the origins, the roots and the base of the universe that they didn’t know.


What distinguishes me from these 4 brains is also what follows:

The first, Mr Copernicus, discovered “heliocentrism”,

The second, Mr Newton, discovered “gravity”,

The third, Mr Einstein, discovered “relativity”,

The fourth, Mr Hawking”, discovered “the theory of everything”,

And the fifth, the undersigned, discovered “the 4 pillars that sustain the entire universe”, namely “nothingness of nothingness” “the proto-element”, “space” and “time”.


What distinguishes me from these 4 scientists is that:

Heliocentrism, gravity, relativity and the theory of everything, without the knowledge of the base and the origin of all, that is without the 4 pillars that support the totality of the universe, heliocentrism, gravity, relativity and the theory of everything would exist yes, of course, but they wouldn’t have foundations, they would be only 4 phenomena camped in the air without a head and without a bottom.


What distinguishes me from these 4 geniuses is:

The first, Nicolaus Copernicus, was a Polish mathematician and an astronomer, etcetera, etcetera.

The second, Isaac Newton, was an English mathematician, physicist, astronomer, theologian, etcetera, etcetera.

The third, Albert Einstein, was a German-born theoretical physicist who developed the theory of relativity, etcetera, etcetera.

The fourth, Stephen Hawking, was an English theoretical physicist, cosmologist, etcetera, etcetera.

And the fifth, that is myself, I was born in South Italy, Pantaleo, near a mountain called in dialect “la Timpa”. There, in this wild and poor place of the world, I learned first of all the language of nature and the language of the animals of the zone, then I learned the Italian language for three years in the primary school and all this till I didn’t leave first Pantaleo, then Italy and I went abroad. Abroad I learned, among other things, how to earn my daily bread and only after, when I had time and strength, I learned how to dig into the history of the universe and by so doing I discovered the four pillars which hold up the entire cosmic edifice.


Now, let’s take a closer look of the contents and the theories of these 4 human beings, plus of mine:

Let’s start with the first, Mr. Copernicus. His concept on heliocentrism is clear and indisputable: the Sun is at the center of the solar system and no one can deny it.

The second, Mr. Newton. The content of his theory, is gravity. And this too is a clear and indisputable physical fact.

The content of the third, Mr. Einstein, is relativity. What does relativity mean? Many things and this means also that relativity is not a scientific concept as clear and indisputable as heliocentrism and gravity are. In other words, relativity is mixed with time and space, but time and space don’t exist as physical phenomena, they are only abstract concepts, so? And not only. It’s hard to belief that everything is relative in every places of the universe, places that are far away from us billions and billions of light years, so?

For what concerns the content of the fourth, Mr. Hawking, that is the theory of everything, this theory, if I am not mistaken, hasn’t been yet scientifically confirmed.

The last one, myself. The content of my concept, is as much indisputable, even if it cannot be, for practical reasons, demonstrable, as heliocentrism and gravity are.


And to finish, let’s see what distinguishes me from these 4 savants:

They lived in culturally developed countries and where scientific and philosophical knowledge had their importance. Instead, I was born and lived up to a certain age in a fundamentalist country, where mental confusion comes first and then, only then, everything else. Then I went abroad where I learned everything I know today; then I returned to my native land. Here, me and my ideas, thanks to the fundamentalist mission of my country, are less than zero. If, on the other hand, I had been born in one of the four countries mentioned above, by now, and I am sure of this, by now all the people of the Earth would have known my discovery and I would have been recognized as the author of this fundamental and fantastic discovery, the discovery of the 4 COSMIC PILLARS THAT GOVERN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE.


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