The existence of the “Universe” and “Life”



Einstein published, in 1905, his famous articles in the scientific journal “Annalen der Physik” where only a few scientists and with difficulties could understand something; I publish my articles on the Web, on Facebook, on Twitter and anyone, given their scientific simplicity and reality, can read and understand them in the whole world.


In what follows in this article, I will try to sketch the true basis of the universe and life. Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not a madman and much less one who goes on looking for awards, I am one who is interested to know the heart and soul of the reality that has created us and the world and this is what I will try to illustrate in the seven main definitions on the origin and evolution of the universe.

Let’s start with the first definition. At the beginning there was only “nothingness of nothingness”. At that time only this existed. You can see it as big as the point of a needle or immense as much as you manage to imagine it. There was nothing else, not even the tip of a pin. We call this place of nothingness of nothingness, the primordial basis of the universe.

The second definition. It was from nothingness of nothingness that was created spontaneously “the first particle”. This particle, after billions and billions of years, gave birth to the universe we know today. This is its origin and its birth and also the second basis of the universe. Of course, we could write an entire encyclopedia regarding this start, but we wouldn’t advance of a single comma for what concerns this initial moment.

The third definition. “The big bang” is not the origin of the universe. At all or, if you prefer, it’s just one of the many scientific errors. Before the big bang, to say the least, the universe had at least 15 billion years and was already ready to burst into the space that surrounded it with all its physical fury and explosive mass. This is the third basis of the universe.

The fourth definition. “Matter is life and life is matter”: there is no one without the other. The two were already in the first particle. Asking where life was born is a useless question as well as a trivial one, because life can exist anywhere where there is matter. The matter, however, dominates in quantities over life, but loses on quality. Matter is the content of the universe. Fourth basis of the universe.

The fifth definition. “The universe doesn’t make sense.” It has a course, a development, an evolution, but doesn’t make sense. The subject that composes it, however, is divided into inanimate and animated matter, even if the latter is very rare. We, however, represent it. Everything takes place in this universe at random and in a natural way. Fifth basis of the universe.

The sixth definition. There are so many speculations on how the universe will end. The two dominants are “the big crunch and the big chill”, namely that the universe, when it won’t have any more  the power to expand, will collapse on itself or, if this doesn’t happen, the galaxies will get away from one another so much to crumble to pieces and get lost in the infinite space. Sixth basis of the universe.

The seventh definition. “Life and the universe have a beginning and an end”. At the end of their existence, in one way or another, they will disappear. The question of the questions is: will they be reborn? Everyone must give to this question is own answer, because no one else can do it for him or for she. This is the seventh basis of the universe.

These seven main descriptions of the universe and of life should satisfy the problem of human beings, namely, how the universe came to be, how they appeared, how they were formed into beings, how they became what they are and how they will end, things that for millennia and millennia engaged the brightest heads on the planet, but, unfortunately, with disappointment and not credible results. Today, finally, we know where we come from, who is the author of our universe and how we have evolved.

At this point I have to say a few things. The first is that I am a stateless person, the second that I have neither dogmas, nor absolutes, nor ideologies and that I have never belonged to a party. But I like to know the reality of the world in which I live, whether it is good or bad, but the “reality”. Another thing I want to say is that he or she who will learn these seven cosmic realities, basis, definitions, will get an immortal knowledge which will never die, will be eternal, that is, “a virtual knowledge”, potentially realistic. Realistic in the sense that we know that even if we are not here to see things happening, they actually happen and happen as we think they happen today. As the seasons follow one after the other until the sun remains as we know it, so the cosmic cycles will follow one another for eternity: this is what I mean by “virtual immortality”.

After this sketch on the birth of the universe and of life, I would like to say a couple more things no less important, I hope so anyway.

The first. Life and the universe have a metaphysical essence. This basis is unknowable, it goes beyond physics. But their comprehensibility, even if we discovered it and touched it with our hands, would lead us nowhere, because it will remain buried in the world of nothingness of nothingness.

The second thing that I would like to clarify, and I have already mentioned this idea, is that the universe, and I know that the word I am about to say you don’t like it, but I have to say it because it is the only one that describes the universe realistically: the universe hasn’t a purpose, has no sense, no meaning, it is just a mass of phenomena thrown there in the space without a “but” and without a “why”. The universe, if we wanted to use a word close to its real nature, this word is the following: the universe is a unique absurdity together with everything that composes it and this from its beginning to its end. Only intelligent species will discover this absurdity; only they, if they wish, can give a meaning to their life and to the universe that hosts them.

There is nothing more to say about the universe and life. We have said everything that is important to know about these two phenomena, the universe and life. In any case, whatever you think after reading this article, don’t waste this appointment with life, because the thing that we call “life”, and we can say it aloud, at least for us, is the most important and the most beautiful one of the whole universe. This is why we say: “every man who is born in this world is a god who is born and a god who will die”.

 I conclude by saying that if anyone, among all the Einsteins, the wise and the creative and brilliant men of the world, has a better version of the beginning of the universe and of life, come forward and say it, prove it, demonstrate it. If there is no one, we must start rewriting the history of cosmology. We have enough with all the nonsense we teach to our children in schools, colleges and universities, it’s time to change music!


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