The Four Pillars Which Hold up the Cosmic Edifice (2)



Love, passion, knowledge and hard work

I would like to say, in a synthetic way, that I didn’t arrive to this cosmic knowledge by chance, by taking measurements, or by experiments, or looking under a microscope or through a telescope, I arrived to it with love, passion, will to know the real truth of our world and hard work.

The universe, seen in its totality, is an orphan

If we want to consider it in a human way, the universe is an orphan. You might say, “No, the nothingness of nothingness is its parent.” This is true. The universe came into existence thanks to nothingness of nothingness and the first particle. However, in spite of it, you can feel even sorry for this lonely big huge phenomenon.

The universe is a metaphysical world

Fundamentally, the universe is a metaphysical subject. When you go deeper, you discover that this is its reality, its authenticity. Of course, we could say that its existence is inexplicable, an enigma, absurd, unreasonable from the start to the end, beyond thought, an insoluble mystery. In short, the universe, is the UNNAMABLE and, therefore, also a metaphysical subject. We are, like it or not, metaphysical bodies, creatures, animals, but we shouldn’t be scared about this. Quite the opposite. This reality should help us to live better lives given that it is the true reality of our universe and of ourselves and anything which is true, is also healthy in nature and in human terms.

The four pillars are timeless

These four pillars are almost indestructible. I say “almost”, because we know that sooner or later the universe will cease to exist. But, if there should ever be another universe after this one, there will be also the four pillars we know: nothingness of nothingness, the proto-element, space and time, and they will hold on their shoulders the new universe as they hold ours now. These are eternal and as such, they will form the base on any cosmic edifice for ever and ever.

Virtual immortality

Whoever has become the bearer of this cosmic knowledge, has also earned a virtual immortality. He/she, from here to eternity, know how things will unfold in this cosmic Everest.

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