I, Francis Sgambelluri, declare myself to be the DISCOVERER of the true beginning of the Universe


“Einstein published, in 1905, his famous articles in the scientific journal ‘Annalen der Physik’ , where only a few scientists and with difficulties could understand something; I publish my articles on the Web, on Facebook, on Twitter and anyone, given their scientific simplicity and reality, can read and understand them in the whole world”.


All scientists

They always start in their workies

From the existing universe

But have they ever wondered

What was there before this

Existing universe?

The universe didn’t start with the big bang



Before arriving at the nothingness of nothingness, or at the beginning of the universe, I made a long journey and, once I arrived at my destination, I realized that I ended up where there is nothing of nothing. The nothingness of nothingness reigns everywhere. Before me there is only infinity and above my head the universe that I have just left behind. A unique and unwelcoming view surrounds me. I decide to take a dip in the immense. I have no sense of time. I travel with the mind and when you travel with the mind you can go around the Big Whole in the blink of an eye. The speed of the mind, and one can be a master of this art only and only if one has a real or imaginative knowledge of it, the speed of the mind, however, compared to that of the light is much slower than that of an old tortoise. In any case, at one point I turn around as I swoop down and, amazed, I notice that the universe in which I had traveled was reduced to a mammoth ball. At this point I thought I was going to see other bloated balls, but the void of nothingness was now in every point around me, just a 360 degrees open space and the big ball that was getting smaller and smaller and nothing else. There was no more reason for me to go further from where I was. And then to find what? I returned to my ball, to my universe and resumed the journey towards the Milky Way, towards home.

I was born the 11 February 1942 in an old house in Pantaleo, under a mountain called Timpa in dialect. When I left this place, around 15 years, I spoke only the Pantaleo dialect, I imitated the sounds of animals and that of natural phenomena – thunder, rain, wind, etc. Since that farewell to my family, my Timpa and my animals, my life has been nothing more than a single battle in order to be able to study.

Today, the title I have attributed to myself the DISCOVERER of the true beginning of the Universe, doesn’t need to be recognized by the priests of science. And then who could recognize it? A physicist? A cosmologist? A philosopher? A mathematician? An Einstein? Who could recognize it and who could disqualify it? None with facts. Only the one who would demonstrate with a more convincing, human and logical reasoning than mine could do so. Only in this way could I be disqualified from this legitimate right.

My thesis on the beginning of the Universe cannot be compared with any mythology or invention known up to now, because mine is neither a mythology nor an invention, mine is a DISCOVERY. As we know, it’s the Earth that revolves around the Sun and not viceversa, the same with the creation of the universe. It wasn’t a god who created it, but Nothingness of Nothingness. It was this phenomenon that spontaneously and casually produced a particle, and this particle, after billions and billions of years, doubled and swelled so much to the point of creating the Big Bang, hence the universe we know today. This is what I call a DISCOVERY, a metaphysical discovery or the thesis that starts from the origin of a phenomenon and follows it step by step up to its maximum known growth.

Speaking today of a stationary universe, of a god, of the big bang, of an intelligent design and other mental oddities, is out of place, we can no longer take all this nonsense into consideration. It’s just a mass of stupidities and an insult to intelligence and sensibility. My discovery can only be discussed with rationality and humanity. Why? Because no one will be able to go to the origin of nothingness of nothingness and to the first particle. Only he or she who is scientifically and mentally prepared for this mission, could.

Let’s put it in this way. Let’s start with the big bang and ask: Before the big bang, what was there? For me, the big bang is another version of the stationary universe. And then, who created this stationary universe? God? And who created God? Did it create itself together with all the millions of illogicalities it represents? If we are going to remain a reasonable species, then we must accept our limitations along with our nature.

I have said it and I repeat it: COSMOLOGY MUST BE REWRITED, otherwise we continue to teach falsehoods and not science; I said it and I repeat it: for me and for all those who use the brain correctly, scientists are laborers of science, they don’t go beyond the microscope and the telescope, but science, real science, starts right here: where the microscope and telescope can no longer be used.

For me, and I don’t intend to offend these renowned institutions, the universities are factories of the mind. In other words, there are mechanical factories and mind factories. What’s the difference between them? Mechanical factories can invent any mechanical toy they want; the factories of the mind can’t: there is the inquisition, the prohibition, the rights of the System: you cannot say and think all what you want in the factories of the mind. It’s forbidden.

Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, Newton, Laplace, Fred Hoyle, Lemaître, Einstein, etc., they just chatted about cosmology. The real cosmology is the one that is built starting from nothingness of nothingness, others, logically, mathematically and scientifically speaking, don’t exist.

However, my nature isn’t arrogance. We, humans, need to know the beginning of our universe, because this gives us both a physical and a psychological basis and we need both of them for our well-being. If anyone has a better beginning than mine, present it, and if it’s more real and more logical, let it be! I would be delighted to acknowledge it. For now the only acceptable one of all those I know, is mine.

First because it’s the closest to reality;

second because it’s the most conceivable;

third because it’s the most compatible with itself;

fourth because it’s the most logical;

fifth because it’s the most likely in the way it’s built;

sixth because we don’t have another one to compare with these characteristics;

seventh because there isn’t a single particle in its entire mass connected to a reasonable plane;

eighth because the human sense cannot imagine it differently without making irrationalities;

ninth because it’s one true mega absurdity from its very beginning to the end;

And tenth: so it must be according to its nature!

I would finish this article by saying that every human being who is born is a god who is born and a god who dies and this is also a natural fact that belongs to us all. *

Having said that, if you found the article interesting, spread the word, send it to whoever you want, even to magazines and newspapers, obviously leaving my name and my copyright, thank you!


*      Here are some of my works where the topic is discussed in a more broad way: “The Trilogy”, namely “Flash about man and the universe”, “From nothingness of nothingness to virtual immortality”, and third “Son of the elements and the big bang, the cosmic autobiography of a human being”, plus “The 4 pillars that support the universe and the before and the afterlife of the Big Bang”,published by Contro Corrente (Print MnM Edizions), plus the articles I posted on my blog: “Einstein, a pillar of modern physics made of papier mache or my Singapore speech”; “The cosmic foundations and the discovery that God is = the Nothing of the Nothing”; “The transparent universe; The Universe as it is in 12 images”; “The Universe and Life; But I, Francis Sgambelluri, who am I in this immense, really?”; “The World-Universe in a few clear and concise words”; “Life starting from its deepest roots”, etc. Thank you.

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