But I, Francis Sgambelluri, who am I realistically?


I have spoken in these days about my autobiography. Now I would like to talk about my life by giving you a self-definition of its concreteness and physical evolution.

To begin with, I am an animal that represents the inanimate and the animated world in miniature.

What does it mean “world” for you ?, someone asks me.

I answer.

World for me means something that is formed by a set of atoms grouped in a small space of the universe that make up the inanimate and the animated phenomena that inhabit it and last as long as they can and then disappear.

From where come from these atoms?

From nothingness of nothingness.

And what is nothingness of nothingness?

It was, before the birth of the universe, a place where nothing existed, not even the particles.

How did the universe originate from this nothingness of nothingness?

With the appearance of the first particle.

Did something/somebody created it?

No, nothing and nobody, appeared spontaneously.

Did the universe we know today evolve from this primordial particle?


So our universe is not a stationary universe, let alone created by super powers, correct?


How do you see yourself in this local mass of cosmic matter?

I, in this local mass of cosmic matter that makes up our world, I see myself as a temporal phenomenon.

What do you mean by “temporal phenomenon”?

That I am doomed to disappear without leaving any trace of myself. As birds fly in the sky without leaving a trace, so we human beings disappear from this world without leaving a trace. Here is also my physical self-definition.

Do you really believe in this story of yours?

I do. And I challenge all the Einsteins in the world to demonstrate another theory of the origin of the universe and of the planet Earth that is more logical and more correct than mine.


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