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Greetings and welcome to this short, indeed very short, chat about the history of humankind. I will start by saying that today, on a global level, there is an uneasiness in this society of ours which has now gone beyond any limit or any sense of decency.

Just to start with, we live on a sick planet,

The forests are on fire,

The oceans are becoming a cesspool,

The skies are polluted and full of various aircraft and satellites,

Deserts are spreading wherever you look,

And the Earth itself is mined until it looks like a Gruyere cheese.

From the roof of the world, namely the peak of Mount Everest, to the Mariana Trench, the deepest abyss of the seas, our planet is in agony, and it’s becoming desperate.

Almost 8 billion souls live in this worldwide devastation and all of us, some more than others, are victims of injustice, of discrimination, of hunger and the lack of real, human values, and all of this thanks to a handful of crooks and psychopaths who “govern” this insulted planet.

Our society is old, ancient, and served by laws which are even more embalmed and mummified.

Now I would like to read you a few lines to help you understand how we have come to this natural and societal nightmare. That’s what I would like to do with you now.

We have a history, not a beautiful one, but it’s the one we have, and we must only seek to understand how we have arrived at this point, at this disastrous point. And we can do it, not by thinking about history as we were taught it at school, no, not at all, but as it really happened. That’s what I would like to do with you now, and I hope that I will be able to.

These few lines which I will read to you obviously have a title: Human History in a Nutshell, because in reality, it is in a nutshell.

So, the history of humankind, essentially, has a purpose which dominates all other purpose, and this purpose is to kill, to kill, and to kill again. It doesn’t matter how you do it: in a natural way, violently, sadistically, diabolically, divinely, brutally, democratically, as a Machiavellian, you only have to say the word. What counts in the history of humankind is killing, and people are killed all the time.

From our most distant origins right up until today, we, as members of the human race, have not only filled the world with every type of self-importance and crime, we have also filled it with every type of grotesque invention, inventions of ghosts, aliens, spirits, monsters and other absurdities and fantasies.

That’s more or less how it has been. At a certain point in historical evolution, some creatures of our species, those who were stronger, more cunning, cleverer, and more calculating than the others, declared themselves sons of gods, sons of the stars, sons of the divinities, etc. This idea, conceived, imagined in this way, turned the stronger ones, the crooks, the clever ones, the calculating ones, into the masters and lords of the world.

Then, once these ambitious upstarts, who have always been supported by the worst imaginable and not imaginable individuals, had tasted this type of supremacy, (supremacy gained not by hard work and wisdom, but by the sword), they didn’t want to give up their power.

From this moment in history onwards, the human species has been divided into classes. Those who do not have “divine” origins, nor cut-throat friends who would defend them if need be, are subjugated and governed by the stronger tyrants, first with weapons and then by the tyrants’ “saintliness”.

As time went by, the killer lords institutionalised and sanctified themselves, thus creating monarchical or divine powers. By this time, the gods and lords did not live only in the heavens, but were also transferred to and established on Earth.

Two examples to help you understand this passage from the beast to the human race. Darwin would have said “from the ape”.

So, who was the first human to be called king? A killer, a despot, an oppressor, a slave driver. Or if you would prefer, a parasite, a manipulator of others, an exploiter, a politician, in short, one who lives in luxury from morning to night as a result of the labours of the rest of the population. That is who we so imaginatively call king!

The second example. Who was the first human to be called a priest? That’s how it goes, isn’t it? You aren’t born a king, or a priest. People become kings and priests. So who was the first human to be called a priest? A mystifier of the mind, a seller of opium, a sower of discord, of falsity, of balderdash, a politician in a frock, that’s who the first priest was, and still is today!

This union between king and priest has decided or sealed the unworthy and despicable story of the human race in social and human terms. These two types of blood-sucker, killers, both physically and culturally, who are now legitimised and sanctified, have over time developed a kind of art, the art of how to stay in power, i.e. the art of governing by good or bad means. In this way, and ad nauseam, they have learned how to kill using words, punishments, illusions, torture, using hope, courts, prisons, promises, using false beliefs, divine will, but most importantly, they have learned how to kill using weapons, cold weapons, firearms, atomic weapons, bacterial warfare … take your pick!

At this point, where we are today, the 64 million dollar question is: has anything changed over the millennia or centuries of human history? And the answer is: yes, something has changed. But what? The style, the way they do it, the system, the modus operandi. The style, yes, the style has changed and continues to change, but not the content. The content hasn’t changed at all, and it is this fact about our history that we need to understand. The content, in its core, is the same as 10,000 years ago, as 5,000 years ago, or 2,000 years ago. The same as it is now, as it always has been. This is the reality of what we call history.

Today, in 2020, in the various concentration camps which exist around the world, but which you aren’t shown, things are like this. In other words, all those who refuse to accept the rules of the “game”, the rules which were established by the potentates once and for all, such people are penalised, incarcerated, discriminated against, eliminated. It is of no import how they are eliminated, whether by an executioner, by torture, by processes where the law and absolutism count for everything and justice and humanity for nothing, by poison, it’s not important how, what is important is elimination, and such people are eliminated!

Prisons have always been full of rebels, rebels and people who are starving, and of course, never of kings and priests, and that really says everything about this social hell in which we live.

This is how I read human history and, to tell the truth, I don’t care how others read it.

I would like to end this article by saying that

Every human being

Of any colour

Or from any country

For me, every human being

Is a god who is born

And a god who will die.


Translated from the Italian by Joy Elizabeth Avery. Tel: 015.703954; Email:



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