To the lords of the Nobel Committee of Stockholm


Einstein published, in 1905, his famous articles in the scientific journal “Annalen der Physik” where only a few scientists and with difficulties could understand something; I publish my articles on the Web, on Facebook, on Twitter and anyone, given their simplicity and reality, can read and understand them in the whole world.


You might think I’m crazy, but I’m not crazy, crazy is who thinks I’m crazy, not to say an imbecile. Here are some of my Nobel discoveries:

1          “Nothingness of the nothingness”  or the basis of the universe, that is, a universe born by chance from nothingness of nothingness. This is the essence and the reality of the universe.

2          “The proto-element” or the beginning or the mother particle of the universe, that is, the particle that contains within itself all the elements to create the universe we know today. This is the birth of the universe.

3          “The 4 pillars” or the 4 main and essential concepts that support the universe: nothingness of nothingness, the proto-element, space and time. These 4 concepts represent the foundation of the universe. As for space and time, see my article: “Einstein, a papier mache pillar of modern physics”.

4          “The big bang is not the beginning of the universe”, it is its second half. When the big bang happened, the universe was at least 14 -15 billion years old.

5          “The real name of the universe is not “universe”, it is the unnameable. The universe has no name, it has only the transitory names given to it by the species that appear and disappear in it. Hence, transitory names and nothing more. Its real name, that is what defines it forever, is the unnameable.

6          “We are not born to live, we are born to die”. When an egg and a sperm cell meet, a new life is born. From this moment on, every second that passes for this new life is one second less. This concept, the concept that we aren’t born to live, but we are born to die, applies to everything that appears in the whole universe, including the universe itself. In other words, everything that emerges from nothingness, returns to nothingness. Therefore, we are not born to live, we are born to die.

7          “We are a metaphysical concept” or the basis of the universe is not physical, it is metaphysical, that is, it goes beyond physics, beyond the first particle. This is its reality, and this has to do with the casual, with the contingent, with the possible, with everything we want, but not with the universe we know.

8          “Eat or you’ll be eaten”. This is the indisputable doing of the entire universe both in the inanimate and in the animated world. Nobody escapes this universal law once he or it appears in the eating arena of “eat or you’ll be eaten”.

9          “The universe may or may not exist”. We will never know and never will be able to know if after this universe of ours there will be or there will not be another universe. The universe is the child of chance, that is of a question mark.

10        “Spray-Life-Spray” or particle-life-particle, and that is, first we are a spray of particles, then these particles pile up together turning into a physical or biological object, and then, in the end, they transform us again into particles. Here is a realistic description of life: S = L = S.

I stop here.

These ten concepts are essential if you want to know the basis, the birth, the structure and the evolution of the universe and the world in which we live. Now, if all the above said remains within our cosmic and universal reality, I believe that we no longer have the right, humanly, morally, ethically and spiritually speaking, to deprive the human race from knowing its true roots, because to keep all humanity in lies and falsehood for petty profits is the greatest and most monstrous crime that can be committed. So, if what I said in this article is true, is real, can’t be denied, we need to build a vision of life and the world according to the new reality of our universe and rewrite its history.

Therefore, if anyone has a theory, an explanation, a science better than mine about the evolution of the universe – genius, scientist, philosopher or writer – please, come forward and prove, demonstrate it. If nobody does, it means that my theory is indisputable and real.

The lords of the Nobel Committee of the Stockholm Academy, once they have read and valued my work, should only decide how many Nobels these discoveries of mine are worth (mine are discoveries and not inventions) and, once they have estimated the number, it will be up to me to decide the rest. *


*          Here are some of my works where the topic in question is discussed and deepened. The Trilogy and that is “Flash about man and the universe”, “From nothingness of nothingness to virtual immortality”, and the third “Son of the elements and the big bang, the cosmic autobiography of a human being”, plus “The 4 pillars that support the universe and before and the after the big bang “, which is about to come out in the edition of Contro Corrente, plus the articles I published about this argument on my blog.

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