Reflection on Life and Death and Man’s real position in the universe


Exists a new philosophy of life?

Yes, it exists

And you’re about

To know it.


An existential will differs from the usual will that one leaves after death. This type of “will” lists the names or the name to whom one wants to leave his possessions; the “existential will”, instead, talks about how one lived, understood and wants to conclude his life.

My existential will should have ended in February 2022, when I turned 80. I never expected to reach this age. An Australian doctor, after having diagnosed me with Thalassemia Minor, said that I would live 72-73 years; if, instead, I had the Thalassemia Major, I would have died in a short time and I was, at that time, 34 years old. I suppose the doctor meant the average life of the Seventies. In any case, it didn’t go like he predicted and for me this was a real bonus of the elements that make up life.

My idea, and for more than 50 years, was that I would go towards death and not death towards me. We are “thrown into the world”, said the German philosopher Martin Heidegger, without being asked if we wanted a life or not. This idea disturbed me for many years and, being a human being and a writer, I consider my duty to talk about it.

My existential will

“Death will come

And it will have your eyes,” says Cesare Pavese

“Not mine, I say

Because I will have them before death comes.”

To be thrown into the world and then to be thrown away from it without a “but” and without a “why”, isn’t fun for a brain like mine; hearing the footsteps of the Lady of Darkness nearer and nearer night after night and day after day, is not a pleasant melody, particularly when you know exactly where this music is going to end. “So”, I told myself towards the end of the 1960s, “once I understood this existential problem, I will decide my destiny.”

The phenomenal world in which we live has never been my ideal and it could never be the way it functions. It is at the mercy of at least three groundless, inhuman and hard-to-digest principles: the principle of the “absurd”, the principle of “eat or you’ll be eaten” and the principle of “you are born to die”. These three universal laws, ranging from micro to macro and from macro to micro, apply to every inanimate and animate phenomenon in the entire universe: giant stars swallow the small ones and the strongest animals eat the weakest ones. The rest is dominated by blind disasters and by death. In such a world, there is no escape for anyone, genius or imbecile may be. Living then in a society whose rules are exploitation, violence, wars, discrimination, falsehoods, ignorance and it is made up of victims and executioners, it’s not the best. All, and this is a real naked cynicism, all this social deadly business, is defined “Democracy!”. This fact has always turned my stomach and insulted my soul, heart and brain, and I think this is the case for all those people who have a human dignity and conscience.

Let’s ask ourselves:

Why do we come into the world?

To die.

Does life have a meaning?

Just the one we give it day after day.

Are we alone?

Basically, we are all alone.

And what does mean old age?

It means the icing on the cake or the final “coup de grace” in the best of all possible worlds!

And how do you define “coup de grace”?

A release.

Is there a way to escape from this existential phenomenon?

Yes, there is.

For example?

Use all your mental potentialities in the best and reasonable way.

And that would be?

Making of matter and existence the final orgasm of life.

My destiny

Today, I am no longer as young as I was in the Sixties, today my 81 years are starting to take their toll on me. I don’t want to burden them any longer with sufferings, work and efforts of any kind, much less to humiliate them with bad feelings and the idea of a growing inevitability.

It is 10.30 of any day in January 2023, and I am about to enter the office of the Defibis funeral home. This is where I will be choosing my coffin and giving instructions for my funeral.

First I’ll choose the case; second, I don’t want any funeral announcements; third, I want to be cremated in a white habit in the Valle d’Aosta’s crematorium; fourth, I want my ashes to be scattered over the mountains near the town where I have lived in these last 35/40 years ( many of my ideas, which later ended up in books, came to my mind while I was walking on these spectacular mountains ); fifth, I am an atheist and de-baptized and as such I want to end my life

A philosophical glance to the Great Whole

“First comes matter and matter is only matter,” says the realist.

“Why matter is there?” asks the philosopher.

“Because God created it,”, replies the priest.

“God doesn’t exist,” says the atheist.

“Neither the priest nor the atheist is correct,” says the scientist.

“From where does come from matter, then?” asks the wise man.

“From nothingness of nothingness,” says the free thinker,

“And the rest is blah blah for the idiots.”

Death, the final orgasm of life

Death, a dignified death, even in such a disaster world and society, should be realized; death ought to be the final orgasm of the living matter. Life, a compendium of all the elements of the universe, surpasses our conception of real and unreal. It is a metaphysical phenomenon whichever way you see it. Life is priceless, a masterpiece without an author, without comparison and without a cost. To say it is not worth the whole universe, this can only mean that one hasn’t understood anything about life and about the universe. Sure, the universe gave birth to life, but it gave birth to it blindly, automatically and unconsciously. Instead, all what a respected and dignified life does, is to create mental knowledge, care and love. In fact, the universe doesn’t know it exists life. It is life, therefore, that values the universe and not vice versa. Whoever destroys a human life without a precise and lawful reason, must be destroyed in turn. Death, seen and perceived by a brain like that, can only be the final orgasm of life.

The copyright of this article “Reflection on Life and Death and Man’s real position in the universeit’s mine, thank you and thank also for reading me.

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