A Revolution with the capital R


Today, and we must admit it, even if the managers and masters of these means of communication worldwide, may turn out to be on the wrong social side, but in fact, are they? Indeed, thanks to these media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Web, Wikipedia, etc. – thanks to them, the people of the whole world, the one for whom education is not always at hand, are becoming aware of how physically and politically this rock that turns and turns around the Sun is really made and ruled. Conscious or unconscious, it is a real Revolution without bloodshed. And not only. It is also instructive, educational, cultural and a human revolution, never done it before. Such a Revolution (with a capital R) on a planetary level could bring about social changes that we don’t realize it yet.

I have taught in different countries and in my classrooms there were sometimes 20 students and sometimes more and others less, but today when I publish an article on Facebook, Twitter, etc., it could be seen and read by thousands of people. A big difference, isn’t it? Thanks to all those who deserve them!

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