Italian author looks for English publisher

I am Francis. I was born in 1942 in South Italy. At nine I started to work. At sixteen I left South Italy. From sixteen to thirty I worked and studied. At thirty I found my first decent job: I was employed as a guide in a travelling agency in Paris. From then on my life changed; from then on my life was my “life”.

In Melbourne, Australia, in the Seventies, I opened a school: European school of languages. Towards the end of the Seventies, I sold it.

Again travelling and studying. I’ve got three diploms, two from universities and one from a college. I wrote four novels, three collections of short stories, Orazio Guglielmini’s will: four books, and an essay: For a perennial philosophy. Actually I hold a course in the “art of living” at the University of Biella.

I am looking for a publisher.


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