The predator State at a glance

In the past, the Church and the State vied for power, mostly using the sword: sometimes “he” ruled, others “she” ruled, or at times they ruled together. Today, however, both the Church and the State, are reduced to the role of  guard dogs of capitalism: the Church deceived the “flock” with false hope and empty promises of afterlife, while the State abusing the rule of “the people” with every means of psychological coercion. They do little more than protect the hierarchal state and criminality in which we live.  Politically speaking, things are like this: As long as the people are in need of leaders, then the people will forever remain as people, and leaders will remain as leaders. Only when people begin leading themselves, will things begin to change.

This reasoning goes like that: the “people”, the “working people”, have never needed leaders; the leaders, on the other hand, have always needed the people to give them the power they seek. In essence, why would  “working people” be in need of leaders, that is “social parasites”, that humiliate, exploit, and rob them of their lives?

Then quite clearly: as long as these institutions, the Church and the State and moreover Capitalism exist, mankind will never find peace. And furthermore is doomed, for the real and ultimate danger of Capitalism, church and state, is the destruction of everything that grows and breathes on this planet, including themselves.

In what follows, Guglielmini outlines for Rossi his idea for a new “social contract”: five solutions aimed at addressing the political and social problems in the world.

The “New Social Contract”

“The modern secular states do not ensure the ultimate triumph of the values ​​that they uphold, nor do they care at all to ultimately cure mankind of his flaws.” Tzvetan Todorov “The new world disorder”.

Very good. I, Horace Guglielmini instead propose, in what follows, the solution to heal once and for all its humanity’s flaws of thousands of years.

Therefore, in this latter part of “The Predator State,” Rossi, I am not proposing a poetic, romantic, impractical, naive pyramidal vision of Plato, nor a Hobbes’s utopian view, nor that of Marx, much less the anarchism of Proudhon. Instead a decent, dignified, reasonable and humane way to live together.

For me there is only one road towards salvation in the world today: we need to change policy, habits and direction. The institutions that govern us can not be trusted to govern themselves, from foundations on up, they are all corrupt. All victims of institutional rot. They no longer hold water and leak on all sides, they have reached their end and we have no choice but to create them anew. Therefore, in order to avoid impending disaster, I would suggest, some solutions.

First solution:

Since I do not believe that homo animal can always rise to the level that certain tasks demand, I would suggest, regarding public law and order of nations, to replace all the half-men (politicians) and all men of law with computers. I, at least would prefer to be governed and judged by machines than by homo animals, who in their essence, are, in fact, animals. It takes years and years of education to transform into a being a homo civil, but on the other hand, it only takes a few seconds to transform into a beast, a homo animal, and I have no confidence in creatures that can transform into animals from one moment to the next.

Let’s imagine that we took a labourer, a scientist, a craftsman, a legal expert, a psychologist and a philosopher, three women and three men, from each country on Earth, representing many faces of society, and they are placed together for a year to devise a politically and legally binding global plan. This plan would take into account everything from the insignificant  and mundane, such as how to cook pasta al dente, to the more serious and significant such as, our response should a meteor hit the Earth.

This “Social Contract”, the Contract of all citizens of the world, must be humane, wise, just, and inclusive of all natural matter both living and non. All matter must be respected and skilfully treated. This plan, once defined, should be fed and programmed into a “Super Computer”, a task that could take 5 years with Homo Animals working to program around the clock. When complete,  only the laws that have been enshrined in the computer will apply.

Then, at the end of 5 years, the laws can be re-addressed and if necessary can be edited.. The “Social Contract” on a global level, must be re-evaluated and improved from time to time, to reflect the changes and balances that will inevitably occur, but not rebuilt from scratch.

All the current judicial courts and the politicos of current predatory states, will be replaced with computers. Men are creatures of favouritism, weak and subjective. In every situation, everywhere, favouritism prevails, towards family, friends, cohorts and party colleagues. Man’s DNA is clearly imbued with ‘kin selection (the selection of relationships)”, WD Hamilton. In other words, kinship triumps all. This weakness lies at the core of everything man does and says. Cold technology is the logical end to this prejudice, and favoritism.

There is a footnote in the “New Global Agreement”: the creators will not be able to take advantage of laws that they themselves have forged, they will be retired and pensioned, (voluntarily). This eliminates the temptation to make laws in their favour.

Second solution:

If this way of governing homo animals were too drastic, I would suggest the following options: replace “the 4 I’s of the disaster” now dominant on the planet earth with “the 4 I’s salvation.”

What are the the 4 “I’s” of the disaster?: first: religion. Religion, as a whole, represents an “I”. What is the ”religious I”?- Simply put, lies, deception, false hope and vulgarity. The second: half-men (politicians) and the media-men, taken together, represent an “I”. What is this “I”? – Institutionalized crime, legalized injustice, despotism combined with a hierarchical view of the world. The third: capitalism. Capitalism, as a whole, represents an “I”. What is the ” I of capitalism”?- Unscrupulous exploitation, massive depletion, and  inhumanity. The fourth: the monarchs. The monarchs, together, represent an “I”. What is the ‘”I” of monarchs? The proto-criminals based and reliant on the three institutions listed above.

To these 4 “I’s”, Rossi, you have to add 3 more: mass media, intellectual bigots and artistic eunuchs. What is the ‘”I” of the mass media? an “I” owned by  the 4 “I’s” above, the predators in power. What is the ‘”I” of intellectual bigots? The ‘”I” of the scribes, the bigots, the butlers and panderers to those of power. What is the ‘”I” of the artistic eunuchs. The “I” that highlights the folly of those who govern, not with a critical eye towards wisdom and humanity, but towards their own self interest.

These 3 last “I’s” are like worms crawling at the feet of their masters. They are loath to offend, much less make a bad impression. Outwardly they speak in massaged messages and use obtuse and apologetic language, but, below the surface, they are cynical and disdainful, and despise everyone. In reality, they are nothing. There are only 3 excited “I’s” that survive off of the hypocritical and foolish ideas of the other “I’s” of evil.

Here, however, I introduce the “4 I’s salvation.” These replace the “4 I’s disaster.” We begin with the first: the worker. About the worker: the salt of the earth, the number one protagonist in the human race, who, with the sweat off his brow, sustains society. Second, the administrator. About the administrator: The administrator, as I understand it, Rossi, is a technician who takes the place of politicians, and administrates the produce of the people in the best way possible for greater good. Third: the scientist. About the scientist: The scientist explains the world as it is not as how we would like it to be. He/she studies natural and social phenomena for the benefit of the People (the people, when performing their legitimate function of the People, is written with a capital P). Fourth: the artist. About the artist in the new society: The artist creates and continually renews the human spirit. His art   existential, immanent and phenominal.

To these “4 I’s salvation” we need to add another 2: The ”I of philosophy”, and the “I of spokesman for the People”. What is the task of the philosopher? To try to make sense of the world even in a world of nonsense. And not just in the world, the philosopher must also try to give meaning to life. His metaphysics must be derived from physics. The sixth “I”: the new spokesman for the People. This does not even remotely resemble the media today, who are nothing but sellouts and lackeys to those in power. The new spokesman for the people must and will, without question, serve and represent the people in every way and in everything.

Third solution:

If neither of the above arrangements, that of “Computer” and that of the “4 new I’s of salvation,” were not acceptable, then I suggest a third proposal for a kind of “Social Contract”. Let us take, from each country, large and small, two people, a philosopher and a scientist, not having undergone ideological influence, (one representing each sex, makes no matter which, only that they be mixed sexes), who shall together, with the computer, combine ideas and work on a new “Social Contract”.

The social contract in force today is contract made by the two-legged wolves designed to serve other two-legged wolves. We need Rossi, to remove this abomination and create a new “Social Contract” in the manner  we just said, beginning with a philosopher and a scientist, taken from every country on Earth.

Why, you may ask, begin with a scientist and a philosopher? The simple answer. We need science to explain the world, and we need philosophers to interpret the world. Philosophy and science as we know them, are the perfect combination, experts in these two disciplines of thought, developed in the best way possible, a ” Global Social Contract.” based in altruism.  When they have finished devising the new “Social Contract”, they will return to their countries and they will be obliged to refrain from practicing in their fields ever more.

Why, you ask, can they not practice their professions after finishing the “New Social Contract?”? Simply, to remove the possibility of bias and favouritism in the creation of their purpose.

Obviously, this new “Social Contract” would not please everyone, it is foolish to think such a thing, even foolish to think that in the “New Social Contract” there is room for two-legged predators. Lets talk about salaries, so much for one of the lesser issues of “New Social Contract” it can vary a bit, but not too much. And how much for the greater issues, or for menial labour obviously more difficult than than the cerebral. And why should someone who does not get their hands dirty earn as much as someone who does hard and unpleasant work? Another detail is one of pensions. Well, this can be simple: everyone will, once  reaching this stage, receive the same amount, no more, no less.***entire paragraph???***

In the “New Social Contract” there will be a total reversal of values: replacing “false values” (those of present predators) with “human values, right and true.

Once the “New Agreement” is complete and applied, once we are sure of all the laws, anyone who violates them, will be  tried and judged according to the crime, and sentenced to community work.

Fourth solution:

If the three proposals, one of the “Computer”, one of the “4 I’s of salvation” and the “New Social Contract”, still are not satisfactory, here’s a fourth:  Replace the “wolfish democracy” with a “Human democracy.”

Have you ever wondered, Rossi, as to how our so-called “democracy” came into being?


That’s what I thought. It went like this, more or less. One day, the  two-legged wolves (the homo-animals in power), tired of butchering the lambs (working people), and in a particular moment of  sentimentality, believed they would be serving good in creating a “democratic contract” between and them and their lambs. Here, roughly, is how they entered into this contract. The wolves said to the lambs:

“We the two-legged wolves, being fair and generous creatures, will give you the lambs, the opportunity, to redeem your social status. We propose, therefore, a “contract of democracy.” What does this mean? It means that we will continue to own everything, everything that we have gained (or pillaged using the sword and other unscrupulous methods), throughout history which already belongs to us: for example, the land, pastures of sheepfolds, the shepherds and guard dogs, the laws and institutions. All this and much more remains our property. You, in this social contract, in your current position: do not own anything outside of your limbs, and your body. You will not even have any real rights. You will be fully dependent on our fields, pastures, and sheepfolds, and you will be controlled, as in the past, on our fields, by our watchdogs. But there will, of course, be elections. And as “democracy” demands, you may, from time to time, decide which of us, but

 only US, the two-legged wolves, gets to wield power. Stated differently, you can choose the wolf that you want to be eaten by. Here is your democratic choice which is after all a “choice”, and precisely why we call it a “democracy”. Those of you who wish to be emancipated from your ‘lambified” condition will comply with the new democratic laws that we, the two-legged wolves, have created for you, the lambs. Take it or leave it. “

The lambs, though this kind of “democracy” did not appear to be very democratic for them, accepted it. They had no choice. They did so with the hope that at some point one of them would rise to power, not to redeem them as a whole, but to be transformed into a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

There you have it  Rossi, that is how today’s democracy was born. This is the “social contract” that the two-legged wolves devised and are quite proud to call “democracy”!

Instead, we propose another type of democracy and call it “Absolute Democracy “. This, we consider to be the only true democracy, as follows:  we start, globally, by eliminating all private property, all titles, all social positions, all privileges. In short, we start all from scratch while levelling the playing field for all.

Firstly, we will share equally all the riches of the world among all the “Peoples of the Earth.” Then, for at least three generations of the poor, those who have never had an education, must educate themselves to a similar level as everyone else. Only when, after achieving a decent level of technical, professional, occupational, and cultural instruction, can  they participate in “Democracy at Large,” and we can begin to have a true democratic world. This is our fourth option.

Fifth solution:

If these four proposals for social renewal, that of the “Computer”, that of “4 New I’s of salvation,” that of “New Social Contract” and that of  “absolute democracy” do not meet acceptance, then yet another:

If we cannot do away completely with politicians, then the current half-man (the politician) shall be replaced with a “Whole-man”. What do I mean by that? It should be understood that anyone who wants to enter politics, should be held to the highest standards, responsible and accountable to the task. This means that if a politician missteps, they pay the price.

Their families must be involved. How? before enlisting in the political arena, their family members must seriously consider the task at hand based on the standards outlined, and must decide if their kin is sufficiently suited and dedicated towards fulfilling such a task, and if so, must be willing to support them in their “political aspirations”. And if they have any reservations in such a consideration, they must excommunicate themselves from the aspirant. If not, then they, the supportive family members would be equally responsible for the “would-be” politician and his “politics”s. Why?. In my view, this would be a method of ensuring that our would-be politician is held as accountable as possible and willing to sacrifice his life if necessary towards the altruistic vocation of serving the benefits of all the people as a whole. A practice in stark contrast to what is practiced today I might add..

The new political aspirant would be a virtuoso of policy. Just as the artist composes verse, music, books, sculptures, paintings, all as gifts to humanity, self interest must be abandoned and the new politician must be ready and totally dedicated towards the benefits to man and society as a whole. This desire and vocation must be an innate quality belonging to the candidate aspiring to be a wise and virtuous leader. Their motto must be, “whoever wishes to serve the people, must be willing to sacrifice ALL for the people”.

The new would-be politician must be made of the type of man who is willing to be totally dedicated, such as a mother who is totally dedicated to her newborn. the aspirant must be totally dedicated to the nurturing, sustainability and healthy progression of society and its people. Thus Rossi, we will have the new politician- the Whole-man.

I could go on to propose other social models, much better than those that I already have, but I believe that what has just been proposed, is sufficient to begin a “Healthy Social Turn” from the barbaric world in which we live today.

You see, Rossi … how can I explain? I’ll try: in a healthy social system , it might only take a couple of hours a day to properly govern the entire world, and even less time to properly govern a country, like Italy. I am not kidding, Rossi. A “Whole-Man”, not half-man, but a “Whole-Man”, whose brain is in its place, not between his legs, but properly placed in his cranium, would govern efficiently and appropriately,- a far cry from the grinding institutional bureaucracy we witness today. One based in lies and criminality and administered by second rate , self interested individuals. Governing a world with honesty and with fundamentally, mutual beneficial policy, simplifies matters immeasurably.

In fact, governing fairly would be like child’s play. To begin with, once  all the continents, countries and regions of the “global village”, (as it was coined by Herbert Marshall McLuhan), are studied, along with their populations, it would be enough for good computer to solve most of their problems. Computers are able to calculate in the blink of an eye, the main needs of the population of a country. And not only that, they can also calculate the unexpected needs arising from disasters both natural or caused by man, and arrange for the immediate economic, and human aid  as well as real-time providing warnings to people at risk. The rest would be simple, as stated, -child’s play really. Stated differently, when the interest of all becomes the interest of each, common, greater good allows for an extraordinary facilitation of policy.

New society, and new teachings.

A systematic education should be provided to all, both the history of “Human” evolution, and specific training towards individual disciplines, but the latter not until the former is sufficiently understood. Secondly, our educational plan must be new, and totally unrelated to the old “predatory” way of going on, our project must be Humanistic and Humane.

It starts early in primary school, with language, mathematics and basic sciences, and also the birth of our Universe, the Big Bang would be introduced. Then we study its expansion and the evolution of the elements, the evolution of chemical properties and the formation of stars and galaxies. Particular attention is paid to the formation of the our galaxy, the Milky Way, and our star, the Sun and its planets. We will study quirks, quarks and black holes etc.. We will study the formation of Earth, we will study bacteria, the first unicellular and multicellular organisms, biological evolution, the evolution of species and, in particular, the process of hominization. Anthropology and the study of the brain will be very important. We will study the decay of matter, the appearance and disappearance of species and of all things, death. We will study the fundamental laws of physics, chemistry, biology, different evolutionary ages, mass extinctions, and even the unknowable laws (these are outlined in the next book: Has Life Meaning?). We will also study psychology,  sophisticated mathematics, history, art, and philosophy.

At this point, my dear Rossi, all those who have completed the course of education of fifteen billion years back in time will become enlightened, bright and transparent because the entire Universe will have been demystified to them.

Strength, Rossi, lies in knowledge, and imagine the capabilities of individuals who have studied all and everything of consequence, from birth to death of all organisms from plant to animals, insects and microorganisms to the universe itself: truly an immortalizing  experience!

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