Transparent universe and virtual immortality *


Learn to live in such a way

That allows you to make

Of a second an eternity

And live eternity as if it

Were made of one second.

A cosmic sensibility and knowledge

gives a healthy and full idea

how the universe is and functions

and how we ought to live

And to die in it.

With this post, I would like to make a present of “the whole universe” to my friends on Facebook, on Twitter, on the Web and in the whole world. And, since today I feel particularly generous and well disposed, I would like also to demonstrate that exists an immortality, a “virtual immortality”, and anyone who desires it, could easily conquer it. This is my second gift of the day.

Of course, “virtual immortality” has nothing to do with “digital immortality”. Digital immortality stinks of brain factories, of mechanical device, and our universe everything is, except a mechanical device.

These two words, “digital” and “virtual”, have nothing to do with one another. The first means artificial intelligence, mechanical gadgets, programmed machines, thinking robots, computers; the second, the virtual, means implicit characteristics, spontaneous, natural, logical, instinctive, potential inner powers. The first, therefore, the “digital”, means object created by man, by homo species; the second, “virtual”, means full of inborn potentialities intrinsically owned by matter, by nature, by the cosmos.

Our universe, and it was about time, our universe has become transparent. This mean that there are no more mysteries about it, it has become a universal mirror. After all, once we know that the universe has a metaphysical background (nothingness of nothingness), that it has a beginning and an end, that from its first particle to the last it is the result of a blind cause culturally and scientifically, once we know all this, we know also that it could or could not have existed the universe. This realistic picture of the universe, allows us to understand who we are and the world in which we live.

We are, conceptually speaking, temporal and eternal beings at the same time: we live for a certain number of years physically and then, if we desire, as eternal ghosts witnesses of the appearing and disappearing universe. The temporal, therefore, in this cosmic reality, it’s only personal.

To quote Emil Cioran when he writes in his book “The fall in time”: “The others fall in time; I, on the other hand, fell out from time”. What does the Romanian-Parisian anti-philosopher mean by this? He means that the others live in time and believe in the past, the present and the future; he, instead, having fallen out from time, he is out of its reach, therefore, he lives out the influence of time. What does it mean to live out of the past, the present and the future? It means that one has become an “immortal”, an eternal consciousness of all what happens and not happens in the universe and in the space.

So do I when I speak of the “Transparent Universe”. By this I mean a total knowledge of the cosmos, including its beginning, its present, its future and its end. Then, as Cioran fell out of time, I fell out of the universe. So? So I dart into the void, the infinite void, and by so doing I become a ghost, the ghost of a world that no longer exists, but this ghost, this human ghost, will remain there, in this empty infinite space as an invisible witness of nothingness or, perhaps, of a born and reborn universe.

This way of understanding our ultimate place in this huge phenomenon we call “universe”, is what I mean by “virtual immortality”. We become, at this stage of our knowledge and world consciousness, eternal: forever and ever we know everything about the cosmos: its metaphysical birth, its first particle, its matter, its growth, its big bang, its body, its life, its end and its probable born and reborn life.

Well, my dear reader, I don’t know about you, but I know about myself. For me, this knowledge of eternity, one way or another, calms me, makes me to consider myself the micro and the macro among the phenomena and, last but not least, fills me with a deep shining inner peace.

It’s all here the universe, with its appearance and disappearance, so we, with our appearance and disappearance. If, and I’m convinced of it, if we used our brain in the right way, we would discover, sooner or later, that we are little and eternal universes in miniature.

*The copyright of “Transparent universe and virtual immortality”

is mine. Thank you and thank you for reading me.

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