The World-Universe * in a few clear and meaningful words

Einstein published, in 1905, his famous articles in the scientific journal “Annalen der Physik” where only a few scientists and with many difficulties could understand something; I publish my articles on my blog, on Facebook, on Twitter and anyone, given their reality, simplicity and meaning, can read and understand them in the whole world.


“And what about the content between Einstein’s articles and yours?”, a reader asked me once.


“It depends on our point of view,” I replied. The same could be said for the post you’re going to read now.


Our world-universe moves in the middle of an infinite space. Before it, there was nothingness of nothingness,

that is to say nothing, total zero, not even a particle. The “nothing” as science understands it, doesn’t exist. For science, “nothing” is full of particles. So if “nothing” is full of particles, it can’t be nothing. In nothingness of nothingness there are not even the particles.

The proto-element, that is, the first phenomenon that appeared in the universe and from which it developed, is a particle born spontaneously. Our existence and that of the universe that hosts us, are fundamentally a metaphysical ** product, they appeared from the nonexistent.

Today we live, with some exceptions, in a world dominated by fiction and the supernatural. All we human beings have done to the world-universe, since we appeared on this Planet till today, is to fill it with invented names and artificial objects, but these have nothing to do with the true physical essence of its nature.

This, the true physical essence of the universe, sooner or later, from the micro to the macro, will turn out into dust, particles and, finally, back into nothingness of nothingness. Faced with this perspective, we and all the phenomena that surround us, are just a mass of temporal ghosts.

And if we wanted to add a last touch, not for pleasure or for anything else, but only for love and respect for science and philosophy, we could say that all this business of existing makes no sense either for itself or for the species that appear and disappear during its presence. The meaning of life is personal. It is us and only us who can give a meaning to our lives and only while we are alive.

Here, for he/she who wants to understand the basis of our universe in a few words and in a simple way, is described its birth, its evolution and its inevitable destiny. ***


* World-universe is the same and identical thing, with this difference: the world is inside the universe and not vice versa.

**  The meaning I give to “metaphysics” is different from that of “classical metaphysics” which is vulgar and devoid of any meaning.

***  I have written four books on the universe, on our world and on man and his history and also published many articles on my blog, but they are, unfortunately, written in Italian (some are translated into English in my blog), and I am too old to translate them into English.

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