Charlotte Elizabeth Diana and the “Royal blood”

(I’m sorry if the translation is not perfect, I only hope it is understandable, thank you)

Not yet born and is a star already.

Just born, a super star.

She will become, when she’s an adult, a goddess and as such will admire the destruction of countries like Iraq from those who have always beaten harder, will see the barges full of poor Africans sinking into the sea between Africa and Lampedusa, will see the discrimination and injustice more black and ghastly dominating the planet, will see poverty, despair, desolation, just like now are seeing her dear parents, and all this in this fantastic world of ours, so perfect, so joyful and happy that more perfect, joyful and happy you can’t have it.

Synthetically said, what is the point today, we ask ourselves, what is the point today, in the 2015, to speak of “Royal blood”? And then what ever may mean “Royal blood?” And what is the difference between “Royal blood”, “Blue blood” and “Aryan blood”? Maybe they have already picked up the child’s blood and have seen that there is in his dna “Royal blood”?

Darwin, Charles Darwin, Charlotte‘s compatriot, wouldn’t define her so. He would simply say that her “Royal blood” is, in fact, monkey blood and nothing more. We aren’t, as a matter of fact, we aren’t born humans, we are born not even English, we are born animals, so no one is born with the “Royal blood”, we are born with monkey’s blood and not with human beings blood. If we are worthy of this name, “human beings”, then we should conquer it all along our life and only then we’ll become rightly “human beings”, but not before!

Where is, then, all this “Royal blood” who came into the world in these days and of which the reporter of Euronews, yesterday evening 8.30pm, Monday, April 4, 2015, so much warmly enthusiastically talked about?

If this is the world in which human beings want to live, a world in which children of “Royal blood” are born with all imaginable and unimaginable wealth and the comfort of the Earth, and others, those who are not of “Royal blood”, who are born in the blackest misery, in atrocious dwellings, in brutal pains, in the most unclean places, in shame and squalor or they do not grow up at all, because they die at birth (more than 30 million children per year die due to poverty) then I want to be everything else, except a human being.

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