An author in search of a Publisher

I am italian. Mine is a literature born from experience, no less than that of Primo Levi, born in the concentration camps; no less than that of Henri Charrière, born in the Lager of the French Guiana; no less than that of Gavino Ledda, born in a tragic poverty and under the brutal bestiality of a father shepherd.

My short-stories, novels and experimental writings, you may like them or not, tell about my life, a life that in order to remain alive and get an education, had to endure social Lager.

The story that most rappresents myself (for Primo Levi is “If this is a man”; for Henri Charrière is “Papillon”; for Gavino Ledda is “Padre padrone” or “My Father, My Master”) is the Emigrant, that is the novel “Fiori di sierra” (in italian).

My only wish is to find a Publisher who is interested, at least, in reading my work. Thank you.

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