One For All and All For One

This should be the motto of mankind One for all and all for one -, but is it? No, it isn’t. At this precise moment, all over the planet, millions of children, adults and elderly people are dying of hunger: they are our brothers, they are similar to us and they too, like us, are condemned to the same fate: death! In this precise moment destruction and desertification is going on in every corner of the earth: fewer forests, lesser life, more and more concrete. At this precise moment the sea is becoming more polluted: fewer fish, lesser life and more and more signs of desolation. All over the planet, at this precise moment, the hatred between rich and poor grows catastrophically and injustice increases everywhere.

What is happening to homo sapiens?

 Where are we going to find ourselves if we continue at this pace? And why, and what for? Just to feel that our belly is fuller than that of our brothers, of our fellow men? No other ambition, no other reason to live for, gain and power alone? And we are supposed to rappresent homo sapiens! Come on! This behaviour reduces human beings to the lowest common denominator. I refuse to believe in this sort of reality. I want to believe that man is above his egoism, above power and possession, above greedness. After all, as we just said above, the human condition confines us all to the same end: death. This fact alone should be enough to make us feel more solidarity and compassion for one other.

Why, then, we continue this slaughter, this ridiculous nonsense of ours? Is it necessary to destroy the earth and ourselves? Is this what we want? Because that’s where we are going to end up if we don’t change road and behaviour; because this way of acting is filled with a downward spiral of degeneration, anger, malcontent and ruin. But why, then, the destruction of the human race should come from other humans? Why homo sapiens exterminates homo sapiens? Perhaps it’s not ourselves who are going to hit the bottom first, but our children yes: the curtain, the sad shameful curtian, will close over them. Is this what we want? I don’t think so. Our monstrosity has a limit. Must!

Why, then, instead of continuing in destruction and selfishness, why don’t change direction, why don’t heal, cure ourselves and the planet, our beautiful blue planet and establish a brotherhood among ourselves and all over our globe? Why don’t we create a world of love, justice and peace, why don’t we get up tomorrow morning, the first day of 2012, and shout with all our strength and love: “One for all and all for one!”

Translated from the italian by my canadian friend, franc sgambelluri

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