Pope Francis’ peace doves

One of the dove of peace launched by Papa Francesco from his window of the Vatican was immediately attacked first by a Raven and then mauled by a Seagull. Horrible image. No chance for the bird (see the video on the Web). All this cruel show in front of the eyes of the Pope and of all those who admire his infantile and beastly games.
The dove, symbol of peace, has become, once liberated from the hands of Pope Francis, food for the hungry beasts. How do we have to interpret this brutal image? Very simple. The aristocratic boss of the Vatican could, in the face of so many starving creatures in the world, do the same end of his unhappy dove. Are there other interpretations? Many, but one is enough for all: it is never too late for the monarch of Christendom to give all the riches of the Church to whom they belong, namely the people, and then change job.
Why, we ask ourselves, why Pope Francis continues to mock and deceive himself so stupidly with all this superstitious business? Why he insists in cheating himself (everybody knows today that there’s no God, no Christ, no Saints) and his faithful? Why he doesn’t do, at least for once in his life, the wisest thing, because sooner or later someone of the papacy must do it, why doesen’t he then abandon the Church and so free his conscience from all the crimes committed by its organization along the history and live what remains him to live as best as he can?

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