The mega-billionaire Bill Gates is a philanthropist or a shrewd capitalist?

And in any case it’s grotesque, a real mockery, a slap in the face to the human race, and that if we reflect for a moment, and we have too! By what right, “human right!”, whatever it means, by what human right this gentleman, Mr Bill Gates, were it not that the laws, the absurd and unfair laws in which we live, let him, for the gadget that he has built (I do not know if it’s all of his own making), to become one of the richest and most powerful (wealth is power) man in the world? Some say that he is richer than the whole of Brazil!

Is this normal? Is it normal that entire populations die of starvation and a mammal dominated by the proto brain, the reptilian brain, for having constructed a gadget becomes, from today to tomorrow, so much rich? And not only. Is it normal that millions of innocent children, as soon as they are taken out from their mothers’ bosom, die shortly after in a most miserably way, while Mr. Bill Gates is applauded and surrounded by his staff ready to launch his new gadget on the market to make him more monstrously powerful and whealthy? No, it isn’t normal. In no way. At all! It is beastly injust and stupid. Ours is not a society of human beings, never has been, not if we reflect upon its doings, and we have too!; ours is only a herd of thirsty dirty animals ever looking for wealth and power. And why? To be more inhuman, miserable and ignoble!

In a respectable human society, if ever such a thing would exist, for the gadget that Mr Bill Gates has made, the compensation shouldn’t have exceed the ownership of a house, of a car, a bit ‘of money in the bank and then the honors that his own species would recognize him: no more! The guiltest part of all this dirty business is due to the Establishment, an irrational monstrous machine made to discriminate in a blind and horrible way among the same species. Shame!

The thing becomes even more grotesque when we think that to defend the undeserved spoils of Mr. Bill Gates and all the Bill Gates of the world, there are judges, lawyers, juries, tribunals, guards, armies, prisons, and if the prisons are not enough, there are the hangmen to give them a hand! It is the unreasonable that dominates in our society and not, as the right-minded persons would like us to believe, humanity and a good common sense.

How could Mr. Bill Gates think that, for having built a contraption that carries the name of a Windows PC, less and less useful, and we must say this with strength and conviction, less and less useful the house that builds the bricklayer and even less essential of the wheat that grows the farmer in the field, how could Mr. Bill Gates think that for having built a gadget like his, he could own half the world and the bricklayer and the farmer only their misery? How could he!?

Someone who doesn’t remember what I wrote just above, can tell me that’s not his fault, that is the society we live in that allows him all this. True, it is the society we live in that allows him all this, but this doesn’t exclude the fact that Mr Bill Gates does not enrich the human race, even if he believes so, but he makes it even more poor and inhuman, and all this thanks again and again to his absurd wealth and beastly privileges!

The political philosophy of this so called “new philanthropist”, Mr Bill Gates, is very subtle and misleading. To claim, to advertise his good works and focusing with good fatherly words on the innocence and good feelings of the people, all this well calculated bla bla of his, in the end, brings him more wealth and praise. But, if he indeed wants to be a real philanthropist, he should give of his yearly earnings not only 10% or whatever it is, but he must give at least 99% of his gains, and surely he still would remain a millionaire! The real think in all this affair is that that Mr Bill Gates is a very cunning capitalist and not less machiavellian than Machiavelli himself.

Shortly said, like Henry Ford, Bill Gates doesn’t bring food, love, justice, humanity and democracy into the world, but he creates unemployment, suffering, exploitation, makes stronger capitalism, imperialism, discrimination between rich and poor, slavery, rebellion, pollution, starvation and, ultimately, he brings death and planetary destruction. Like the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, he mows, mows and mows, the rest is idle chatter of the half-witted and the self-interested people.

AN INVITATION: spread the word, share thi post, say what you think. To grow and mature culturally (not biologically, this deals with the nature), we need to communicate, compare, say what we think and no matter how good or bad we say it. Do it! Life is here and now and then never again! Do not miss this confrontation with yourself and with your peers. We are all human beings! This is what recommends to friends of the Web, Horace Guglielmini. And I personally would add a “Thank you” for those who wish to translate my posts in his or in another languages.


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