Ours: an enlightened barbaric System and a fiasco civilization – in 3 posts, the second

Bill Clinton: “We must face and correct, as best as we can, the terrible injustices of the past.”

James Leach: “The history is not going to be put on the statute of limitations.” In other words, it doesn’t lapse, never lapse.

Both quotations are taken from the book “The Holocaust Industry”, and translated from the italian.

In this second post, I would like to make clear a few things. The first is that to try to call me an antisemite would be totally wrong and ridiculous. I’m not. I am a son of mankind and not a son of a country. I love people and not countries. Countries could be loved by the politicians who exploit them. I have friends from different countries of the world and I love them all. I also have Jew friends. We know ourselves for more than forty years now. Our friendship is well established. About them I can say that if I were in a position to have to fight to defend them, I think I wouldn’t esitate a single instant, even at the cost of my own life. This is called friendship and has nothing to do with nationalities.

For what concerns the Holocaust, the extermination of the Jews, the memory day etc, etc, this historical phenomenon should be seen, not in a narrow way, but in a very wide way. If we see it so, then we would understand that the System uses it to indoctrinate, to propagandize, to exploit, to manipolate, in short, to continue to use and abuse the ever used and abused, and this also goes on among the Jews. Outside this purpose, surely not a dignified one, the Holocaust has no other meaning.

The third thing is that the Holocaust, besides all what has been said about it in these posts, has still another mission: money. It is simply a business and even, according to Finkelstein, a dirt business. Its objective is to get as much money as it could and with all imaginable and unimaginable tricky ways and means, from the countries where Jews were supposed to have put their savings in the bancs or they had lost their property or have been killed during the Second World War. Who is not convinced on this subject and wants to know more about it, I would suggest to read the book of Norman G. Finkelstein “The Holocaust Industry”. For me, however, it’s correct that the countries who robbed and killed the Jews must pay.

Or, following the politics of the Holocaust and the dictates and wisdom of Bill Clinton and James Leach, two great and world famous personalities, all the people who have been killed and their countries plundered and destroyed by the “nonhuman”, must be compensated for the damages. Very well, finally some justice in a world of injustice.

Let’s begin, then, with the Church, and let’s shut an eye for all what happened before the humanism. The Church must give back all what she robbed to its victims. So the Spanish who robbed the natives of south America, so the Europeans who robbed the people of Africa, so the English who robbed the Aborigines, so the Americans who robbed the Indians, killed the Vietnamities and destroyed Iraq, so the Israelis who robbed the Palestinians, etc, etc. We must establish a world tribunal and give the job to experts who have to value the disasters from country to country and then must decide the amount of money the guilt countries, states and institutions have to pay to the people they killed, robbed and destroyed their countries.

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