90% of humans serves as fuel for the remaining 10%

It is said that the story of the history of the universe affects only the bright part of matter formed by 10%. Of the other 90% nothing is known, it is thought to be composed of dark matter, dead stars, cosmic debris and other stuff that you do not see. The same could be said about the history of 90% of human beings. Only 10% have a story, the rest practically nothing is known, dark matter, stuff that you do not see. 10%, therefore, uses 90% of human beings to create a good life, to be rich and to become “luminous matter”. Said differently, 90% works as a fuel for 10%.

The history we teach in schools is made up of kings, queens, emperors, generals, princes, tyrants, rich, despots, powerful, presidents, prime ministers, killers, in short, of predators and parasites, and that is the 10%, of the rest of the 90% nothing is known, is the dark, the invisible, serves as fuel, who works hard, creates energy, has no history, nothing is known of this 90%. It is mentioned only as the “mass”, the “common people”, the “flock”, “scum”, the “people”, the “Smith”, the “wretched of the earth”, the “pariahs”, the have-nots, insignificant stuff, politically non-existent. We know only the history of the powerful, those who have everything, do everything, decide everything, the 10%, the rest of mankind is silent, dull, non-existent, as mute as the lizards.

Before the French Revolution, the monarchy and the Church, roughly half a million souls, had at their disposal 27 million bodies living to make their lives beautiful and bright; 27 million objects existed and breathed and  produced, but were not seen. Invisible people, so dark, that their existence was inhumane, functioning only as a fuel for the Church and the Monarchy.

Following the French Revolution, unfortunately, as we know, not much has changed except that the situation has become much graver, much larger, and much more disastrous.

So, 90% of human matter, has no history, is not worthy of it, cast offs, debris, living corpses, people who are born with fatigue live and work for others, or go to  war to defend the privileges and wealth of 10%.

What a wonderful world!

Transleted by franc sgambelluri, my canadian homonym, friend, relative and much more, from The State: what a great plundering system”, second book of Orazio Guglielmini’s will written by francis sgambelluri. “Franc” excuses himself with the readers, hoping there will be more than one!, if the translation is not one of the best. He just hopes, really hopes, to do much better in the future with other works. Ciao!



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