If you’re afraid of truth, please do not read this post.


Do you believe in God? If yes, then you’re a nut, an imbecile, an ignorant, eveything except an intelligent human being. Clear?

God is equal to ignorance, therefore, God is equal to poverty, poverty is equal to exploitation, exploitation is equal to misery, misery = to injustice, injustice = to discrimination, discrimination = to rich people and poor people, rich people and poor people = to plenty and to starvation;

God is equal to ignorance, therefore, is equal to war, war is equal to lager, to gulag, to jail, to imprisonment, to torture, = to condemnation, to capital punishment, to bloodshed, to a barbarian world, a world of crime and villainy;

God is equal to ignorance, therefore is equal to pollution, pollution is equal to the killing of the seas, = to the killing of the rives, the lakes, the forests and, in the end, to the killing of the species and of the Planet;

God, being only ignorance, is above all stupidity, stupidity is equal to ingenuity, ingenuity is equal to idiocy, idiocy is equal to a senseless living, a senseless living is equal to an absurd life and an absurd world;

God is blind bestiality and stupidity and blind bestiality and stupidity are the cause of all our evils and misery; God is above all social injustice: the ignorants are the cause of the barbarian world in which we live;

God is rapaciousness, is masters and slaves, masters and slaves is equal to all the monstruosities and inequalities of the earth, = to endless battles and cruelties;

God exists only in our head, elsewhere there’s no God, there’s nothing, just nothing of nothing of nothing, only a world of atoms and elements;

God never existed, doesn’t exist, will never exist; God is invention, is fiction, is wind, is bla bla, is slavery, is a beastly like creature that has been put in our head (no one is born a believer, believer one becomes), only in this fragile matter, the brain, could exist God, elsewhere God doesn’t exist;

I believe in God, then I am a nut and dangerous man, an imbecile with the licence of making disasters all around the world, of killing, robbing, doing crazy things;

God, being only ignorance, is pure imagination, nor more nor less as it is pure imagination the Centaur, Bes, the egiptian god, Odin in scandinavian mythology, and other abortions of the mind;

God is simple straightforward beastly interest, beastly power, beastly money, beastly richness; God is luxuriousness: luxurious cars, flats, yachts, houses. palaces, planes, villas, clothes; God is deliciousness: delicious foods, drinks, meals, pleasures, tastes; God is sex; God, consequently, is starvation, privation, poorness, meagerness, pauperism, need, migration; God is leaving your family and begging a piece of bread around the world;

God is todays Africa and Middle East disasters: Iraq, Syria, Nigeria, Lybia, all these poor wretchers we see day after day dying, drowning, starving, suffering, being insulted, being inhumanly treated, being killed while we eat, drink and watch this human filthy on television;

God is shrewdness, cunningness, pitiless, machiavellism, monstrous ambition; God is cinical men abusing of stupid idiotic infantile brainless cretin swallow witless men: God is the shame of mankind, God is naked immorality;

God, being ignorance and greed, is equal to beggaring, is equal to sending to death thousands of human beings with empty bellies;

God, ultimately, is a cheater, a swindler, a charlatan, a quacker; God is an evil and heartless guest of the mind and above all is destruction and suffering;

if the world is going to perish, thanks to God, that is, thanks to us and to our greedness and stupidity;

God, in the way it is made the world, is a mockery; just think, it’s enough a big stone coming from the sky to clean the whole earth, from one day to the next, of all its life;

God is derision, people deceiving themselves and deceiving other people, people robbing the life of their brothers, brothers robbing one another, nothing more ridiculous and cruel;

God is buffoonery, this is God the Lord, other God and other Lord do not exist;

am I a devotee? then I am the silliest person in the world, and thanks to my silliness if the world is going to pieces, if in the world there’s so much injustice, if the world is in this miserable condition in which it is; to be sure, if I am a devotee, then I am, consciously or inconsciously, the killer of my self, of my family, of my relatives, of my friends, of all that breaths and lives;

am I a believer?, then I am the responsible number one, socially speaking, of all the evils that are happening in the world, thanks to my ignorance.

Religion, any religion, is brain filth,

Religion, any religion, is mind filth,

Religion, any religion, is spiritual filth,

Religion, any religion, is cultural filth,

Religion, any religion, is thought filth:

Filth and full stop. This is religion.

Like it or not, God is a droduct of our imagination. In a mathematical way, 2+2 equals 4, so with the inexistence of God. Do you believe in science? If you do, then you can’t believe in God; do you believe in philosophy? If you do, then you can’t believe in God; do you believe in common sense? If you do, then you can’t believe in God; do you believe in what your eyes see? If you do, then you can’t believe in God. Enough clear? Mathematically God doesn’t exist, mathematically God is ignorance, only with the brute rectilian behaviour you can have 2+2 equals 5, like in the novel of George Orwell 1984, only in this way you can have your God, not in another way, only with brute power and strength you can make people to believe in him.

But, why, I often ask myself, why, then, if God doesn’t exist, if God is only invention, why then do we want so eagerly and inwisely God?

The time is ripe to change our way of thinking or to disappear.


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