Stephen Hawking and the proof that God doesn’t exist

“One can’t prove that God doesn’t exist, but science makes God unnecessary,” says Stephen Hawking in “The Grand Design”. Well, are things really as Hawking sees them? Are we sure? Perhaps, not for me, however. At all.

“I’m sorry, Stephen, but I don’t agree with you. I can demonstrate to you and to anyone else that God doesn’t exist. It’s simple, very simple, after all.

Ok, let’s start like that, let’s suppose that I want to see this phenomenon called God, can you show him to me, please? You can’t show him to me? What does it mean you can’t? You can show me the farthest galaxies of the universe, you can show me atoms and particles and you can’t show me God? I don’t understand you. In any case, for me two are the things: you can or you can’t. Now, if you can, fine, the problem “God yes” and “God no” is resolved once and for all, but if you can’t, the problem “God yes” and “God no” is equally resolved, it means that he doesn’ exist and full stop. Do you, for example, in your job, sell something you don’t know, you don’t see and you don’t possess? I don’ think so. You’re a scientist not a bla bla man.

Anyone, merchant or not merchant, who sells a product that doesn’t exist, is a cheater, an impostor, and being such, the law arrests him and puts him into jail. Now, can you tell me why everybody in the world must respect this rule and the Church not?

Well, Stephen, I’m afraid, but you must correct your statement. When you say “One can’t prove that God doesn’t exist, but science makes God unnecessary,” it’s wrong. The correct statement is: God doesn’t exist. No more nor less, just that: “God doesn’t exist”.

I’ve told you, it’s so easy to demonstrate it, so easy to understand. Why then make so much ado about nothing?


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