Violence? Okay, violence then. The first question is who creates violence? The answer to this question is easy: the powerful men. Who pushes the people to violence? Injustice. And who creates injustice? The powerful men. Clear enough? Ok then. Then, it’s a vicious circle. In other words, the queen, the pope, the States, the capitalism, Bashar al-Assad king of Siria etc, these people and institutions are violence, legalized violence, not justice then, but violence justified by the law!

Infact, how much violence there is in all what the rich own, consume and waste? Think about the pope who is a moving fortune with all the jewels and the rich clothes he weares; think about the queen Elizabeth II when she gallops around London in her golden state-coach; think about Berlusconi organizing his bunga bunga parties; think how much violence there’s when a politician with all his staff goes to a five stars hotel?

It’s clear who pays the bill for these gentlemen, isn’t it?

Our leading institutions, in reality, they do not rappresente democracy, but a subtle enlightened barbarism. If so, our lives and our history are in the hands of legalized criminals; if so, how could modern man, who knows about this human butchery, accepts this kind of social contract?

As long as we live in this sort of world, the kind of violence created by Salman Rushdie, is really nothing, it is only the point of the iceberg. The real violence has not yet started!

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