What is Concordat?

Have you ever wondered, Rossi, Guglielmini asks, have you ever wondered what is the Concordat? Doesn’t matter, I’ll tell you. It is the agreement between two powers, institutions, ideologies, i.e. exchange of favours, i.e. “I Church help you State and you State help me Church; i.e. “I Church help you State nazifascist and you State nazifascist help me Church.” Clear? Ethics? Morals? Humanity? What are you chattering about? Power and ethics are two eternal enemies.

In other words, I Church and you State, uniting our forces, we rule the world and we will, rightly or wrongly, reduce to minced meat anyone who goes against us. “Einigkeit macht stark”  –  Union is strength. We, Church and State, together we’ll be a Holy strength, a real blessing from God.

And so, my dear friend Rossi, willy-nilly, priests and politicians are made of the same stuff, and I’ll tell you what, as long as there will be only one priest or one politician upon the the Earth, humanity will not find peace.

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