Nelson Mandela: a puppet in the hands of power or a revolutionary like Che?

Perhaps neither the one nor the other or maybe both, or perhaps a puppet in the clutches of power.

Can a man, we wonder, can a man, having spent 27 years in prison, who suffered brutality and inhuman violence by his enemies, a man who no longer has even the tears to cry at the exit of the dungeon, can this sort of man forgive his executioners?

Such a man should be a symbol of “turn the other cheek”, a peace symbol or a symbol of eternal struggle between the executioners and the innocents?

The derelicts of Africa, have revolted thanks to Nelson Mandela or continue to be harnessed humiliated discriminated raped and massacred by their masters, the whites?

Mandela, in fact, was a puppet in the hands of the latter or a fighter for the interests of the African people, a people who, since it have been a people, have always had to put up with the tyranny of the whites?

In short, who was exactly the real Mandela?

I, personally, the Gandhi, in a world like ours, a world of Machiavellian, ruthless, grim, assassin, warmonger, which oozes violence in everything it thinks, says and does, the Gandhi like, in a world like this, I see them for what they are: followers of injustice and social exploitation. Not “one for all and all for one”, not revolutionaries for the right causes, but puppets in the hands of monsters.

Scum of the earth, wake up!

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