The Inexistence of God: a Deception of Humanity Which Has Lasted Thousands of Years – 4 posts, the fourth*

foto (4) “In principle, God didn’t create either the heavens or the earth, but it was the Elohim, or   those of them who made cultivatable fields from areas where there was water and sand,” Mauro Biglino

Keeping in mind how evil and inhumane Yahweh was, in the second part of his DVD, “L’invenzione di Dio” (The Invention of God), Biglino rightly addresses himself to a hypothetical team of lawyers and asks them to instruct the court against this being, against the infinite cruelty and perversity of Yahweh. And he also wonders, in the event that Yahweh were to be condemned in this hypothetical case if it would be possible to then think about accusing the two billion people who believe in him, who defend him, endorse him and justify his behaviour. In other words, to make a case against all those who say that Yahweh did what he did because it was just and compassionate and, finally, because he was God.

I, Francis Sgambelluri, would immediately sign up to this tribunal against Yahweh and all his supporters. In my book, “L’Indifferenza divina”, (The Divine Indifference) I will defend and justify my position. I propose to do the same for all those who feel offended, deceived, humiliated by this crime against the peoples of the earth.

I haven’t yet mentioned Jesus at all, and I haven’t done this because Mauro Biglino does not really talk about him, at least not in what I have read and heard by him up until now. Perhaps, however, he has said sufficient. Joshua, who in the New Testament becomes Jesus, didn’t do anything during his life other than put to death kings, old people, men, women and children, but most of all, during the battle of Gabaon, in order to slake his thirst for blood, he ordered the sun to stay in Gabaon”, and the sun stopped, so that he could continue to kill and spread blood, blood everywhere, more and more blood, at his pleasure. This cruel monster without any humanity, then, in the fairy tale of Christ, becomes Jesus, who tells us to offer the other cheek!

And so, if any of my readers doubts the works of Mauro Biglino, please try it. Read his books, watch his DVDs, his talks on YouTube. That would be the only reasonable way of confronting and contradicting him. Confront him with facts, therefore, as he does with the Bible. Don’t go on just bleating like sheep and swallowing everything without any ifs or buts. Don’t be like irritated sheep because sheep will always be just sheep. But you aren’t sheep, you are human beings! The time has come to open your eyes and try to understand what is really going on. Contradict him, that is your sacred right, but do it using proof! Demonstrate it, read the Hebrew and the Christian Bibles, compare them, and demonstrate that his is wrong and isn’t telling the truth. People aren’t stupid, people nowadays see and understand, if only they want to. Do what he does with the Hebrew and Christian Bibles. But, if what he says about the Bible is true, then the Bible is dead. God died with Nietzsche, the Bible will die with Biglino.

Now, if what Mauro Biglino says in his DVD “L’invenzione di Dio”, if what he writes in this book “La Bibbia non parla di Dio” and talks about on YouTube is correct, true, real, then surely, sooner or later, there will be uprisings against the Hebrew-Christian religions. And who knows, even their loyal flocks may wake up and shake off such divine opium.

But, as far as the Bible goes, the book which has deceived and impoverished the human race and covered the earth with blood the most throughout history, its destiny must be obvious. In other words, the Bible is a Jewish history book and should remain just that, such as the Odyssey is a Greek history book and has remained just that. The rest, and by that I mean all the other Bibles which have been translated into other languages with the sole purpose of deceiving, exploiting, manipulating, conditioning and enslaving the masses and the flocks, these should all be burnt.

And it doesn’t finish here. There will also be the anger of the people, of those who have paid the price during the thousands of years of this history. This story will become the hugest embarrassment of the human race as long as it exists on the face of the earth. Two thousand years, not one year, or two, not a hundred, but two thousand years and more of writing and re-writing, of biblical manipulations, of lies, deceptions, conspiracies, tricks, crimes, monstrosities, crusades, wars, holy wars, civil wars, wars wherever you go, fires, crucifixions, innocent people burning at the stake, torture, inquisitions, fixed court trials, assassinations, imprisonment, oppression, iniquity, manipulation of human beings wherever you turn, cruelty and depravity and much more, never ending, against humanity, and most of all, against the people of the whole earth, against the sincere believers, those who didn’t know and weren’t able to defend themselves! Without doubt, sooner or later, people will rebel to all thiese injustices, and when this happens, they will pull down the Vatican just as the French revolutionaries pulled down the Bastille.

As far as the believers are concerned, when there is nothing left of the black fairy tale but a shameful memory, they will be lost in a world without priests, without saints, without God. Of course, God never existed, was only an invention, a scarecrow, nothing more, but they didn’t know that. Now they do know, everybody knows, from the most imbecilic to the most intelligent, everybody knows, because of this last work by Mauro Biglino, that God doesn’t exist and he was only an invention thought up to deceive and instrumentalise the poor people. So, when the believes know all this, how can they live without God? Well, I suppose that everyone will have to manage as best he can. If there is no better solution, they can always elect a cat to be their god.

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INVITATION: pass it on, share, say what you think. In order to grow and mature in cultural terms (not in biological terms, Nature takes care of that), we need to understand, to communicate, to confront one another, to say what we think, whether nice or not so nice. Just do it! Life is the here and now, and doesn’t come again! Don’t lose this opportunity of confronting yourselves and your peers. We are all human beings! This is what is recommended to friends of the Web by Orazio Guglielmini.

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